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August 17, 2008


oh my gosh!! how ADORABLE!! I hope you are having bunches of fun in NYC!! you deserve it!! I hope you andGeorge had a fabulous anniversary too!! My anniversary is on the 26th :-) have a great day! xo Britt

I'm glad to hear you're having so much fun in NYC! I haven't been in years, even though I live on Long Island. I haven't been to Little Italy in ages! What a great idea to rent a hotel room there.
Have you headed into Chinatown yet?

The candles are adorable! And can't wait for more of your great pictures....did you say bakeries?

She is incredibly "inspired." I think those are just adorable, and so feminine!

I Agree Andrea, They are Gorgeouos. What a Great Gift they would make. Lucky you in NYC with friends, Enjoy, Jamie

I love this project! I received my yummy sweets in the mail yesterday - dug right in!

Cute candles!!
Glad you girls are having such fun.

The perfect melding of two incredibly sweet and talented gals!!! LOVE this project!!!!

Can't wait to see your take on them!!

Missed you and Hope at Parcel!! We were at the client's house till 5:30!! Nancy was sweet enough to stay open late for us!! We heard you gals were there for 4 hours!! As anyone should be!!! Parcel is a magical place!!!! :) Can't wait to see what you picked up!! Nancy said "mostly pink things"!! lol!!

Have a great time in NYC!! Be sure to go to Billy's bakery!!!!

xoxo Jenny

Oh, you're making me miss NY even more! I have family on Long Island and I haven't been back for a while...can't wait to see your photos. It is a great city:)

I'm glad you are having fun in NY. I love the candle holders and have everything thanks to you and your wonderful items. I am making some this weekend.

oh my you are "here" I wonder if I have run into you I work above Henri Bendell on 56th and 5th...it is so much fun to walk around in the upstairs floors are great there is a huge mirrow in a pink book lined room so pretty and a chocolate bar upstairs also...have you encountered the "gucci ...coach ..fendi" bag women? LOL! If you want one go down alot you will get it if not someone else will...Hugs Have fun Grace

ooooo...i just received my order with the paper lace in it and it is fabulous! xo

cute, cute, cute! My friend, Kasey, of Lola B Boutique, and I have been talking about NYC for some time now, and are planning a trip next year. Can't wait to go! Have a great time!

I wish we could have breakfast in Little Italy EVERY morning!

love this!! I found a large stash of old {real wide} paper lace when I was home in june...just another way i can create with it! thanks so much for sharing...I think I will have to add crepe paper to this too!

ohhh how I hope you are having a BLAST in NY!! safe travels!!

Hope you are having a blast in NYC. Love your new look!! Now I am heading to your boutique to shop. ~ Lynn

I love the project Andrea, and the ribbon that I rec'd from your shoppe is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing your N.Y. finds ~XO~ Janet

Sounds like you are having some fun. Love the candles.

Oh shoot, I have some of that ribbon and didn't think of using it wrapping bottles to make vases this week. That would have been lovely!

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