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August 13, 2008


Hi Andrea,
Sounds like you are a busy girl!!
Sound fun though!
Enjoy your trip!
Love the ribbons, very funny!

Your hubby is just too funny:) Have fun in NYC!

I think if you entered in an event called ???Pole Bending??? you need to get a ribbon no matter where you came!! I have no idea what that event is but it does sound uncomfortable. Maybe after 6th place pole bending comes the 1st place for Pole Breaking???
Love your new venture, nothing like having lots of creative things on the go, much better than housework!!
have a great day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

Hi Andrea, cute post! Not planning to try pole bending anytime soon! I can't remember if I told you or not but I just started my own blog about a week ago. www.sewafineseam.blogspot.com
I'm having fun posting, just thougth I'd share in case you might be interested!

My daughter's very first horse show ribbon was for 11th place - so 6th place sounds pretty impressive to us! Sometimes it's not where you place - it's all about getting that ribbon :)

Hey Andrea...Jordy would have been thrilled at a couple horse shows to have gotten a 6th place ribbon!! smile She did get her share of blue ones but we have a wide variety of ribbon colors in her horse show memory trunk!

Have fun in NYC with Hope!!! I know she's very excited as well. When I go with my hubby in Nov. for our 10 yr. wedding anniversary we're staying in the same hotel as you are with Hope. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Your comment about 6th place made me smile. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and we always had ribbons up to 8th place.

Cheers, hun!

Andrea- Have fun on your trip~ Love the new site, beautiful. Can't wait to get my new look finished for the site. You know I love those ribbons, the colors are great. So wish I was going to Silver Bella, but I had to pick retail mgt. and the month of Nov:)

I never did any pole bending. Barrel racing wasn't for me either. They are both timed events & way too fast for me! & they usually have lots of competitors, so 6th place isn't so bad! Some shows I used to ride in way back in the dark ages gave ribbons to 8th place....which I think was brown. That wasn't exactly lovely. But once I got 8th out of 56 & then it didn't seem quite so bad.......
Have a great time in NY & tell us all about it!

wish i had time to go to new york for the gift show:)
gotta get ready for the County Living fair in a month.
Can't wait to meet you!

Everything looks and sounds just lovely and exciting! Have a great time in NYC...

Love the new look Andrea! It seems I will be with one of your partners in crme just before she heads your way for SB this fall. Natasha will be here kicking around LA for a few days. i can't wait to hear all about her news.
Your husband is a crack up!!!

'Honorable Mention' stinks too, imho.

That's too funny! Never seen a ribbon like that. Always enjoy reading your blog. Have a fun and safe trip:)

love the bracelet...congratulations to you Mary (love your last name ~ Babbitt)!
thank you, andrea, for introducing me to Sweet Six Studios...signed up right away and can't wait!
happy annivesary and have loads of fun in NYC! xo heather

That's nice dear. I like the designed stuff you shared it is really so pretty, i love it.

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