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July 25, 2008


Have a great weekend! I can't wait to see the changes to the store. It will be great, I know:)

ohhh i am in there - hopefully its waiting in my mailbox for me !!! gotta go check !!
have a wonderful weekend !

Can't wait to get my hands on the new Life. Hope you have a great weekend!

Have a great time in Ohio! So excited to see 100Wishes new look:)

Can't wait to read it!!
Love your purse!!
Have a really fun weekend!!
Happy Birthday to your niece!!

Andrea- Have a fun weekend, can't wait to see the site when you are done~

I will come back and visit your store. Nice to find you.

This is a great issue! It's the lst time I've bought it. It's on my permanent list of "must haves" now!

Have a great trip, Andrea.

have a sweet trip! the new magazine looks great! cant wait for it to be on the stands.. Your post about the copying was an eye opener to me.. I had no idea how much of this goes on. I have seen two individuals blatantly copy and sell over and over on flickr and etsy..makes me wonder if I should say something to them, or the persons I think they're copying. I just stopped commenting on their things and wondered what others thought about it... oh well, its all too bad! but we must keep on enjoying the great wonderful people, creations and ideas that we find out here.. we cant let a few rotten eggs ruin things for us!
well.. enough said for now.. I didnt even mean to go "there".. just wanted to say hi, comment on the book and say have a nice trip!

What a pretty purse! Have a safe trip. :) And that magazine looks tempting, I might have to check that one out!

Oh, I know what I'll be doing tommarow! heading to paper muse to get one..they usually have them early! woohoo!

I just found your blog and store through my friend, Kasey of Lola B's Boutique. I love what you said about being authentic, and I love your sincerity. It came right through your blog entry. I also love that little purse! Can't wait to read more!

Love the new/old purse...so gorgeous:-)

Lovely purse of handbag as we'd call it in the UK!

Have a great trip!

Victoria x

Have a safe trip to Ohio. Enjoy your family and the time together.

Fun, fun!


Wow, I do love the purse also! Have a great trip!

Oh Andrea...I just love your bag. The roses add just the right touch of vintage!

Have a wonderful time.
Hugs, Nancy

Love the purse. It's just great. The colors are perfect.

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