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July 17, 2008


This is absolutely lovely!


Hi Andrea...

Sometimes you just need to contemplate the next phase of being...those of us who are mothers sometimes get lost in all of the needs and wants of others...and just can't get into our own space.

I hope you will find your way back in the coming weeks...enjoy your life and just being you.

Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Nancy

Hi Andrea,

I love the bracelet you made. I have a lot
of religious medals myself. I also find
comfort in religious items. Especially
certain saints.

I have seen religious saint bracelets on e-bay, they are a hot item.

Try to keep your chin up. It is only a rough patch, you will be ok.

Your blog is one of my favorites!


The bracelet is absolutely beautiful! I love old medals myself and Mary is my favorite - she's always very comforting!

Oh Andrea...Whatever it is you are going through remember you are never alone! I think as a woman, wife and mother we all have moments when we just can't get a grip it seems! I know just what you mean when you say it's just a million little things...sometimes even a million and one! We understand and are here for you...and by the way...the bracelet really is beautiful!!!

Hi Andrea,
Please remember to never apologise for feeling out of sorts. Its part of normal daily life and of being a wonderful mother and wife (that you are).
Just remember to take time for yourself and treasure the little minutes with your beautiful family. (Hugs). Just looking at your bracelet left me with an unexpected feeling of peace and compassion, I've never been a particularly religious person but at present here in Australia the Pope is visiting in Sydney and I'm feeling the love everywhere. This bracelet is so beautiful and is the epitomy of "you", with style,grace,uniquness and that antique feel that you seem to capture so well. Take care and be happy !

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Hey Andrea-
Must be something in the air this last week because alot of us are feeling out of sorts. Hang in there - this too shall pass. I wanted to say a belated thank you for my order. It was a little box of sunshine and helped me complete some long overdue projects. You were generous to throw in the tinsel - thank you Andrea. When life slows down a bit (that would be when?) I'll post some pictures of the finished products. Thanks again for the creativity you help spark. We feel you!!

We will be all waiting for you when you are ready to come back with open arms!
Take time to just enjoy life....especially with your boys.

I love it, so cute~

This is beautiful! I see how you could find comfort in it!
karen b...

Andrea, the bracelet is so beautiful! I hope it brings you the comfort you're needing right now. And I do hope that you'll feel "your old self" again soon...just remember there are a lot of us out here in blogland thinking of you & sending you 100 good wishes:)

Even though you may feel out of sorts you still created a grand bracelet! Twyla

Whatever it takes sweet Andrea....hot bubble baths, a gooey rich dessert, extra hugs and kisses from all three of your boys, flea market trips, more sleep, time away from optional endeavors (hint, hint blogging). Take care of YOU!! We'll be here, your admirers, friends, and groupies, waiting for your return. You couldn't beat us off with a stick, ya know? Sending a big ol' ball of love your way. And, just so you know, seeing your gorgeous bracelet really made my day. xoxo kimla

I'm sorry you are out of sorts. No need to explain, many of us have been there! Thanks for sharing your precious bracelet - what a sweet reminder to let someone else "do the heavy lifting". Peace to you!


Your religious charms bracelet is wonderful.

We all have our better days. Wear the bracelet for guidance and support. Sending positive energy your way.

All the best,

The bracelet is really lovely! Sending good thoughts your way.

hi andrea !! love the bracelet !! i can totally relate , I had that kind of week last week - hope your feeling back to normal soon!
i also changed my blog over to blogger so be sure to check it out !!

hello love! these gals said it all-blog later-we will always be here-love yourself now and rest-hope you are sleeping well-just be.that is all you can do,prayers and good wishes to you and your family.hugs! ann-marie

Oh Andrea, I hope that everything is okay. I do know how it is to just not feel quite right though. I was having a bit of a rough patch about a week okay and still don't feel 100%. I too sometimes just get bogged down by all the millions of little things and get into a bit of a funk. Take your time and know that we will all be here with open arms when you get back.((hugs))

Hi Andrea,
I know just what you mean.
You feel better. Take it easy this weekend, and have fun.
Love your bracelet!!

I miss you when you don't post. Hope you are feeling you again soon. We are have those valleys but luckily we usually get back on top of the next hill soon. I'll being thinking of you!

Hi Andrea
Take care of yourself!
Your bracelet is beautiful


Get some R&R. I think we all have times that we feel out of sorts or just blah, so don't feel you need to explain anything to us. You have the right to take a break (even tho you will be missed). Love your braclet. I made one with religious medals/charms a while back, but it always looked like it needs something added. After seeing yours, think I will take another look at it and figure out what it needs. Take care of yourself.

Hang in there! We've been living on sweet tea lately, hope you're having some too! Watch your mailbox!
Kara & Darcy

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