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July 23, 2008


Oh Andrea...I am so glad you feel "lighter" today! And packaging is everything isn't it?!

Can't wait to see more of your Everyday Beauty!

Hugs, Nancy

You and me, and my old friends... Hopin it would never end... say goodbye... never say goodbye-eee-yyyyeee... Holdin on, we gotta try. Holdin on to NEVER SAY GOODBYE!

ahhh...good times, good times. ;)

I am so glad to know that I am not the only one in the tractor beam of 'gotta have it because the packaging is so nice'. ;) There are lots of imitators but only one you. Just like Coke has Pepsi and McD's has Burger King. Someone took a great idea, copied it, but never as good as the original. :) Big hugs to you.

Oh I'm glad to hear you feel better and you SHOULD. So many people love you to death and maybe that's the silver lining of this "cloud" you've been under...finding out how well-loved and respected you really are! And what a CUTE bottle! I would have bought it, too, and might still if I run across them, even though I know full-well they're not that yummy! So I'm crazy, too. ;) Hugs...

That is the cutest little drink bottle ever! And case in point, when the copycats gave you lemons, you made fantastic photos out of them. LOL! Happy Day Miss Andrea!

You know I too would buy that dirt and have been known ( as has Laura) to ask for the most insignificant item to be gift wrapped in those stores that have amazing paper and ribbon, yes it is a gift, a gift to me!! Have a great day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

I would totally buy that bottle and probably dump it right down the drain. . . but I'd keep THE CAP (love that!) and probably spend 3 hours arranging 3 daisies in the bottle * Ha! Love it!! Oh sigh . . . . .good to know I'm not alone in THAT practice :)

PS. Glad you're feeling better and I just adore that bracelet just for the bracelet, y'know what I mean?? I think I'm gonna start collecting religious medals and make my own version of one, maybe using rosary beads as the base? hmmmm...... lotsa possibilities! Thanks again for your inspiration and true words posted.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who sometimes buys something because of the packaging:) Good to hear the "pep" in your "voice" again, Andrea!

Sorry to hear the Fizzy Lizzy wasn't so yummy. Great bottle though, it's a keeper!

yep! i admit...i too would by dirt with a cute ribbon or flower!

thought of you...i am going to cleveland this weekend and might be heading to the fleamarket in ohio on saturday! I am anxious to dig again in the boxes and boxes of jewels from the nice little man right inside!

Wow. That last post...harsh. :( Hey, I've been lurking in your blog, but I don't think I've commented before. I just wanted to say that I love your shop, and your blog, and all of the ribbon and candy and Italian glue and everything! I think that what you do, like what I do - and many others do, is very worthwhile.:) We make our own lives more meaningful, and share it with others through our photos, shops, tutorials, classes, whatever! really, none of us will save the world with our art - but we can improve our own little corners - right?! Have a really beautiful artsy day!

Update! Looks like the big mean post has dissapeared. Good. :) :)

I would have bought that cute bottle too.
I do the same thing if it's packaged cute.
I understand!!
Have a great day!

Anyone who knows you knows where your heart is, Andrea. You are a generous and beautiful soul and shame on anyone who would say otherwise. The true character of people always shows through. Your true character is lovely, graceful, gentle, faithful and honest. You are a very special person and I'm grateful to call you my friend.

I just wanted to say bravo to you for saying what you feel in your last post. I think it's wonderful how everyone left the sweetest comments. I do believe they're comments are telling you something....They all just love you and your shop. You have a gorgeous shop (I just made my first two purchases last week) and wonderful talent and obviously bring a lot of joy to other people with your talent, so I say go forward, move ahead (Hey...wait a minute...is this starting to sound like Devo's Whip it song to anybody else)LOL! Anyways, you catch my drift. Love your blog!

Velvet Broccoli!!! Wonderful! A thought has just occured to me...velvet and burlap in combos of black,grey, brown(velvet) and the natural color of burlap...and then from there mixed with other items and colors...hhhhmmmm, guess I gotta go get me some burlap and velvet -maybe make some paper to coordinate...I got some lavender-grey lace that might look cool too... Happy happies to you Andrea and a big hug toooo.

Okay, not the bracelet. Check. I mean, I'd seen your stuff copied and then saw even your shop copied, down to the glue and glitter. Sheez, people.... That sucks, Andrea. Though, the people that like you will order from you and not the knock-off Andrea blogs
: )

OMG, my senior prom was in 87. The theme was all based on that horrible Tom Petty video, 'Don't Come Around Here No More' or whatever the title was. Pretty cool, how they did it though. I'm surprised I wasn't involved but back then I was working, designed my own prom dress. HUGE red grosgrain ribbon on the back, like Marilyn's (not Madonna's, LOL), black, opera length gloves and a black velvet bodice. I should post my prom picture, it's so funny-high bangs, they rocked back then.

So, I'm glad you feel better about everything and I hope you have fun in Ohio. We just got back from there, btw.

I know what you mean about packaging. That bottle is really cute!

I didn't know you made your earrings for prom! It's been a blast from the past two weeks it seems like. I do remember that you, Lisa, and Amy wore the same dress to homecoming. I still have a picture of the three of you I swear!

How lucky I am to have found such a charming place to shop. I love all of the beautiful vintage materials you offer, all are exquisite and oh, so desirable.
Thank you for the beautiful presentation!

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