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July 22, 2008


i sure wish there was a website or way where people weren't afraid to name those people. i have definitely seen at least on person try really hard to imitate your store. it is kind of sad, but you are right. i do wish people would be themselves. they need to find their own identity instead of trying to slip into someone elses. i've missed your beautiful blog posts lately and i'm just sorry that people do this junk and get some of my favorite places for inspiration *wink* down in the dumps. i hope that they didn't steal your joy for too long. (should i say this in the name of Jesus for extra blessing?) :)

jenny fowler

What a refreshing and beautifully written diary entry! I love it! :0)

I agree with you 1000%, that if we are all authentic and being true to ourselves and what it is that we love, we will truly be a success.

That has been a true life saver for me over the past year, just doing something I love, for me.

hugs Andrea!!


BRAVO Bella!!!! There's just been way too much of this nonsense lately, and I am so glad that among the blogging/crafting/art whatever you call it community, that there are jewels in the rough, and people out there who have our backs. Those people know who they are, you are one of them, thank you so much. You've said it perfectly xoxo

Andrea, I am so glad you wrote this post and got it all out there. Now you can "shake the dust from your sandals" and move forward, knowing you've addressed it so truthfully and honestly. I always appreciate you. Your blog, art and the special person who you are, are always an inspiration to me. Thank you for saying what most of us think, but haven't said openly. Oh, we're sayin it, we're thinkin it, we're just not posting it. And maybe we should. So, thank you. Your shop, style, art and personality cannot be copied, you are a true original and I just love you, my friend. xo

Well said Andrea. Rachael

Spectacular post Andrea!! I know I find it frustrating when I have created something only to see a similar idea in a magazine a short while later. I am frustrated not because 'that was my idea' but because I don't want people to think that I copied my item! It happens to me often i think I must be on some weird arty ESP frequency. We have had people want to buy Lilly Cottage several times but despite the fact we would never sell, we know it would never be the same because as you said it is our passion, we live and breath it and you can tell we do and we wouldn't have it any other way!! I hope lots of the wrong sort of people get to read your post and take note! Have a great day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


OMG I spent the better part of this morning advising some on this very topic. Maybe that is what this post is stemming from and I am sure you have your own private battles. I agree with you so much. I just don't understand how people can think it is OK to just take and claim as their own, someone else's creations, imagination and passion. Your post is a good one and covers a topic that I KNOW so many of us are discussing behind the scenes, thinking about and feeling. Thank you for putting it out there in such a sensitive and honest way. You are a true original!

eloquently said Andrea! My motto is "they'll like you for who you are, or it doesn't matter if they like you at all!" So many people are trying to be somebody they are not, and they think if they can immitate somebody already succesful they themselves will succeed. I have to say, I was given a graphic one time by a friend who said it was hers, and I could use it, and it ended up being Cerri's from Little Pink Studio! Even when you think you have a trusted source, things can still get confused. It's what you do in the situtation after that that should make all the difference. Some people do things innocently and others are very openly stealing. At the end of the day, you really only have one person to impress, and he's waitin' at the pearly gates........
xoxo, tiffany

I totally agree. I tell friends all the time that imitators stand out. they do well for a time, but cannot maintain the momentum because it wasn't original to them. The passion is just not there-just like you said.

my aunt used to say"right on,sister!" you said what most of us want to! be true to yourself-you always have-and remember that you inspire so many on a daily basis!those who are too weak to be themselves will burn out soon! big hugs,ann-marie

So heartfelt, thank you for posting. I've sent you a long-winded email, too . . . .

Well said Andrea! Shame on the person who thinks they can fool another. But I don't even need to say that because it is done without words when a non-authentic product pawned as an original. That is so annoying. It makes me wonder what the world is coming to when someone is so brazen as to try and take advantage of people that way.I love your blog and I love your shop. Keep it up dear!

While agreeing with your *100%-copycat* concerns, let’s not forget, that every artist stands on another’s shoulders.

Truly! I love this post, Well Said!! You already know how much I admire you my friend. And your advice.
I am so glad you decided to post and I give you major props for doing it with such class. I just want to shout Hallelujah!!! xoxo Sher

Perfectly stated! As a relative "newcomer" to this whole blog/etsy/craft thing, I've watched A LOT of this behavior over the past few months. I was beginning to think I was the only one who had a problem with it, so relieved to read I'm not!

Your post is inspirational, reassuring, honest and passionate. Thanks for sharing!

Well said!

Such is the art world. I made a jester head in high school (let's go way back) and a friend of mine copied my idea and made a jester head too. I remember thinking it was sort of creepy and let it go after I told her that she'd had...such.... an original idea 'Where... did you get it from?"
She said "You"
I said "Well, I couldn't be more flattered."

Sometimes it's not flattering though.

I ran into this just this weekend. I met my mother in a small town about 40 miles from where I live now but about 20 miles from where I grew up. I was talking to her as she was getting out of her car, she interrupted me and said, "Did you see that?" and pointed behind me. I turned to see an exact replica of the giant wooden flowers I used to make for the garden. I was stunned to say the least. After some sleuthing we found the craft store and discovered more flowers in the exact same colors. I was pretty put out and said something to the owner/crafter. She was very quiet and did not defend it as her design. But was polite when we left. I am not sure what I expected...maybe a thank you for the design? I don't know. All I know is karma comes around and it will get you in some way shape or form. Heck, I dream of being Sally Jean when I grow up! She may have taught me the techniques she uses but only I can create what I see in my dreams. And that makes it a part of me and that is where the utter joy comes from when it is embraced by others.
Thanks for such a well written post, hopefully someone who doesn't have the confidence in their own creative abilities will finally get the courage to step out from under someone else's umbrella and get a little rain on their face, it is definitely worth it as they will soon see.

I'm so glad that you decided to share this Andrea. I'm hoping that it helped to get it off of your chest. I have to say, just starting out, this makes me soo nervous. I'm nervous about putting out something that someone feels is too similar to theirs and I am nervous about being ripped off. It's hard with clothing because we are all doing a modification of the same dress in a way. I am working really hard to breathe something fresh and beautiful into every aspect of my business. I have spoken with other clothing designers that have not only had their designs copied but also their photography style and company philosophy. It's so disheartening to work so hard at making something authentic, something that is an extension of you, just to have it copied. I am definitely going to pass this post along for others to read. Thanks for being so open with us. There are so many others out there that are feeling the same way and you have given their feelings a voice.

Very well said!

I think this is a great topic of discussion and contemplation for the art/craft world. Obviously we look at what we are drawn to and then those images influence our work. One of the things that I try to do is work outside of my comfort zone ~ often ~ this way I am discovering myself over and over again. I know that in the end I am influenced by designs, colors, themes that I see ~ aren't we all influenced in some ways by the media ~ but I know that, too, when I create my heart is going into what I do and if its not that's easy enough to spot because that's the project that somehow doesn't get finished. All that said, I hold out hope that everyone is like this and that it is a rare artist indeed who intentionally sets out to 'steal another artist's identity.' I also hold out hope that if anyone ever thought that I was doing this that they would approach me to talk about it ~ misunderstandings never are solved by staying silent. Thanks for posting your thoughts on the matter in a way that invites discussion in the community.

You hit the nail on the head!! I just spoke to two friends yesterday, one mad because someone copied her creations, the other because someone has copied her shopping spots and I was mad a while back for someone using my photo's and calling them her own!! Thanks for the post, T

principessa, I know this. I knew when I saw your medals-bracelet post what you were reacting too, and I felt it in my heart. I have seen what you saw and my mouth just fell open. It made me so sad, so very affronted. I suggest, as a possible partial solution for what really can never be solved in this imperfect world, some copyright protection on your original ideas, but you know that all a thieving magpie has to do is change a design a little bit and they can call it their own. SOOOOOO the ladies in waiting dress like the queen a little bit; they are not royalty.


So glad you are back. I missed ready your blog the past few days. I know where you are coming from and feel your anxed...I just try and chalk it up to bad timing and low pricing. I think once people buy the copied item at the lower price and get it home they realize it really isn't worth the money - if any good comes of it perhaps that seller loses one customer at a time. Cheer up


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