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June 29, 2008


OK, I KNOW this is a downer but my heart just is so heavy and I need comfort. Yesterday I am sitting at my computer and I hear "chirp, chirp" and look around to my kitchen window and see a baby bird with feather sticking ever such way looking into my kitchen window AT ME!! It hops over, mom (a robin!!) appears and the baby FLYS over to a branch!! So exciting! This morning on the way to church, there is a baby bird in my driveway and there is no happy ending. I was so sad all morning. I am so glad all of your babies flew away to happy endings. I am sorry but there were few people at home to share that story with.....sorry.........

Oh Andrea,
Thanks so much for sharing your story. How heart warming to know you have a love for nature and all the things in it.
Circle of Life as I am sad it wasn't all a happy ending. God knows what He's doing....
Hugs and Love, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters and a New Cancer Survivor as of Feb 13, 2008)


How wonderfully sweet of you to take such great care of Momma Bird & her eggs! I so hope they will all be just fine.

Theresa in OC, CA.


How wonderfully sweet of you to take such great care of Momma Bird & her eggs! I so hope they will all be just fine.

Theresa in OC, CA.

ooohh look how cute! We have one up on our back patio buried in my wisteria vine.... I love to watch them. When I go outside the parents start chirping this "alarm" signal to get me the heck out of there! lol

What beautiful pictures of your bird pals!

Everyday beauty comes from so many places, doesn't it?? Beautiful birdies (and I bet you'll miss that brown fern a bit ~ :) !!!! Love the story, thanks for sharing!

Last summer a bird laid her eggs in the window box in my sons bedroom window. It was so exciting watching the progress and sad to wake up one morning and see them all gone! But I also understand what your saying about not being able to water!

My son is is nursing 4 wild ducks. DH found them in a field abandoned. There were 8 to begin with but we are now down to 4. He keeps putting them in bigger containers. They are now in an old watering trough, equipped with hay and sod,,their own little pool and plenty to eat. We are waiting for them to grow so we can let them fly away. It is so much fun watching them.

So lovely!!!!!
Your history is very sweet...
Ihope they will all fly!!!
and sing for all your family

ahh, they are so sweet! I think the fern is honorable to sacrifice for those sweet birdies!
have a great day,
xoxo, tiffany

Oh Andrea, how delightful. We have a big covered porch too and the birds love to build nests in the corner where we have a sort of ledge. My husband hates it, which I don't really understand, but the kids and I delight in hearing the first little chirps and seeing the mama and dad twit about building and fluffing the nest and then feeding the babies. You are such a darling to have gotten out of bed at night during a storm to protect them!

A robin built a nest under our deck (you could look directly into it from above) and had 2 batches of babies in one spring and early summer. One morning while putting on my makeup, I heard all this commotion of bird squawking and screaming and ran out to the yard to see my chihuahua chasing one of the babies. I scooped him up and the mother robin proceeded to lecture him from the fence, feathers standing up on her head! He understood her too...I felt slightly stressed out until all those birds were safely flying~*~*~

How incredibley sweet and caring of you to take care of the wee ones in the middle of the night. I'm not surprised at all though - you have such a caring heart!

Such sweet birdies...and they have such a sweet "caretaker" in you:) Last spring, a momma robin laid eggs in a wreath on our front door. Of course, I watched over them and forbade any one from using that door! The day "our" four lil' robins flew away was bittersweet for me. And now I know what that empty-nest syndrome feels like.

Andrea how sweet!!! I just love the photos of the precious birds....Isn't that something! And I love that you got out of bed because you were worried about the babies! Hope you and the familia are having a wonderful summer! Great post my dear - xo Sher

How sweet Andrea!!!
They are so cute. Thanks so much for sharing that story with us.
You can always get a new fern.

arent they so sweet....every year i have baby birds make a home in a various nook or cranney outside my front door,one year we couldnt even use the front door so as not to disturb our little family!

This brings back memories from years ago. When we sold our home in Williamsburg(bound for Key West) a Mother bird took up residence in our gas grill(we had the top down and she flew into a little hole on the side). She laid 4 little eggs and we didn't have the heart to disturb them so we left the grill on the back deck. As it was a brand new grill(we were afraid we couldn't find one in KW as there wasn't much shopping there) the new owners thought we had left them a house warming gift! Of course we accepted their heartfelt thank you's and never had the heart to ask about the little wren family!!

Precious and breathtaking. Nothing else to be said for it.
Lisa & Alfie

Don't you just love birds and nests ..Just something sweet about it! Your lucky to get so close to those cuties!

Isn't nature grand. They know how to pick a great place to build.
Years ago I watched a doves nest, it was exciting to see them grow.


What a lovely post! Amazing pictures too. I look forward to more :)

Karen at Ciderantiques

i dont care for birds that close up! my mom had the same problem with them nesting right in the center of her fern every summer. when these grow up and fly away you may want to put some foil right in the center of your fern so they will go a little further away next time.so kind of you to care so much for the helpless little things.

What a wonderful heart you have! I love these stories that tug at my heart strings. Sadly there are so many people who don't take notice or stop to help animals in distress or needing some care. God will bless you for caring for His little ones.

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