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June 26, 2008


What a thoughtful hubby - and he found you a real stunner. I love what you have done to her and all the little sparkly additions - just perfect!! Hope you will enjoy her company.
(I have an old mannequin - she is VERY worn on certain protruding areas! - poor girl, but I love her anyway!)

Ohmigosh, Andrea...you are so lucky! Stella Pearl is really incredible and your hubby George is just so sweet to get "her" for you:) I just love how you glammed her up...she looks perfect!

She is smashing! You have done quite a wonderful job fluffing, and sprucing Miss Stella, bravo!

Miss Stella is just awesome! I think you and your Stella should come for lunch someday soon....I know my Sadie would love to meet her! I will never ever again look at a blue dress form the same way......your paint transformation is amazing! I think George outdid himself on that one!

SO PRETTY! Love Stella!!! What a sweet hubby to do that for you. Seriously!

So pretty! My best friend named her dress form, too. She watches us play cards from a corner of the dining room whenever we visit.


I saw this inspiration board on Style Me Pretty's blog (www.stylemepretty.com) and thought of you :) Here's the link to the image: http://abbyjean.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/18/pre_ceremony_inspiration.png Check out the blue Wish tickets in the upper left corner.


How beautiful Stella is, and what an inspiration! I'll come back to visit for more.

Miss Stella is absolutely gorgeous! What a great transformation!

I am so jealous! I want a vintage dress form soooo badly!

Girl...I swear you and I were separated at birth when I hear you talk about yourself! She looks so pretty all painted and accessorized...i love all her pearl necklaces and her crystals! xo Shannon

I love that your husband paid such close attention to what you were hoping for - great job on both of your parts!

I love her Andrea!! So funny, I got my dress form (Isabella) for Mother's Day last year!!
We are lucky girls!!
Enjoy her.
Love all her finery!

Tell George he is the BEST husband for buying you such a wonderful and meaningful gift. Stella looks lovely!
Have a great holiday. I am headed for vacatoin for the week.

Stupendous Stella Pearl! Fabulously Fun!

Simply Gorgeous!!!

Victoria xx

How great is that? The fact that your husband did this for you is terrific. I love her.

Oh I just love Stella! You gave her a fabulous makeover! I have a vintage white wire dress form and have been looking for another fabric one for my bedroom, I never thought of finding a black one and painting her! You have opened up more possibilities for me, thank you!
xoxo, Tiffany

Oh Andrea, she is just gorgeous! I have been aching for a dress form myself. I might just have to mention this post to my hubby tonight;)

I'am from Brasil and i don't speak inglish very well
I love all the things you do(speccialy the bijoux), you'are my inspiration.
I love vintage and i try to do a good job but wee don't have a lot of kinds of materials.
...well ce est la vie!
I have a blog to and when you have some time, do me a visit and see my bijoux

she looks divine!

This is really fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

Miss Stella Pearl is divine. Her name especially, it is my daughters name. We sometimes call her Stellie Stars! My Sardinian friends call her Stellina! Rachael

PRECIOUS!!!! just lovely andrea...what talent Miss Stella's mom has! I hope that all is well and wonderful with you...looks like you have been very busy! I look forward to catching up!

EXQUISITE! Oh I just love it. Every detail is simply DELICIOUS!

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