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June 01, 2008


Girl, I know what you mean by "aiming"! I have two boys and taught them to AIM by either Cheerios or they do sell little bulls eye toilet paper somewhere (or draw your own!). It's a fun way to get them to aim better anyway.

My sons are 13/16 and after a while, they forget to aim again!

Good Luck!!

Breathe............this too shall pass. Well, maybe not the aiming part...hahahaha


Hi Andrea!..I hate to be the one to tell you this (I have 3 boys as well as my beautiful Kate!)...BUT!...I REALLY don't think they ever learn to aim!!!....But Boys are so much FUN that it really doesn't matter anyway!....and enjoy...because within a blink of the eye..they are running out the door with YOUR car keys in hand yelling 'Thanks Mom!...I love you!'....Just be happy if they remember to pick the seat up!!....Big Hugs to you!...Your Blog and Holly's make a lot of people HAPPY!!!!.....

Oh Andrea, I feel your pain on the bathroom issue. I not only have to clean up after my 2 boys all the time but I have also sat in pee more times than I would like to mention. I was hoping that this was something that would past but from looking at the responses that you have gotten I think that maybe I just need to limit them to the use of only one bathroom! Thank goodness the next child that I will be potty training will be sitting;)

never dear....they never learn to aim...I'm convinced they can't help it. Sometimes I clean the powder room and then lock it...just so it stays clean for more than 5 minutes :)
I'll be patiently waiting for the shop update...have a great weekend with your family...hope you get to rest a little!

oh boy...looks like I'm not the only one to break it to you...they never learn....I swear I spend my life cleaning that toilet....at least they're cute :)

Oh Andrea,
I have to agree with all the comments. I have two boys (no girls) and they have never learned to aim (at least all the way), We have three bathrooms in our house and who's bathroom do they use?, Yep, that's right mine!! I swear I'm going to make a sign for my bathroom door that say's "Danger, keep out" or "No boys allowed.", hahaha. I have a nice bottle of Merlot chilling, come on over and have a glass or two and let's do some "girl chit chatting" I live in Nevada, is that to far?? Have a fabulous time with your family...........Smiles, Janice

I'm not sure if I've commented yet - but I've been peeking in here for awhile. Your hectic pace sounds like mine - so I can relate! It's so wonderful to be doing things that we love, though. I have 3 boys, 4 girls and husband - therefore I keep the pop-up cleaning wipes in the nearest cupboard to the toilet. Even my 6 year old will clean up after himself with an occasional reminder! Really, the drips never end, but the clean up can be taught. Have Fun!

Go grab that wine and don't worry about the bathroom. There is something you can buy for the toilet for boys to 'aim' at.

Andrea, you're hillarious. Love the new blog colors, by the way! My sons still have not learned to aim well! WHY OH WHY did I get white tile and WHITE GROUT in the bathrooms?! Can you die of over-exposure to BLEACH?! If my sons hear a sound or decide to look around, their little streams follow right along. I have thought "now, how the H*** did they get pee UP THERE?" it's crazy. My two year old thinks he can do it all by himself and of course ends up peeing all over the place. *sigh*


Oh Andrea...There is something about the spring that, for me, is such a hectic time of year. I get very overwhelmed also with gardening, spring cleaning, and just life as a mother I guess. I also have to laugh with the pee-pee issue. I have three boys and I have to agree with every comment on this post!!! I have two brothers and my mother used to have this little sign in our bathroom that read "your aim is to keep this bathroom clean, your aim will help!" I wish I could fine that little sign! I also remember another one in a friends bathroom, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie". Well, enjoy your time with your family and relax!!!

oh...one more thing. You can put some cheerios in the toilet for them to aim at!

lol. you sound like me! stressed and wondering where the time has gone! Hang in there! you are doing great! :-)
have a fabulous day!!
xo Britt

Andrea, I'm sorry, but I just had to chuckle when I read this post:) But I do feel for you. I'm lucky because I have two daughters; but I don't think my husband has ever learned "to aim"! Hope you find time to unwind, relax, & just breathe...perhaps when you are in Ohio? Safe trip & take care:)

I hate to say this but...my son sits! I taught him to sit...Yes, that is what I did. He points it down and I never have to clean. I mean I do clean the toilet but not every hour. My son is 4 1/2. It's interesting though...when he is out with his Dad (at the park or shopping) He will pee standing. At home, he sits. Oh, if you want to try this...I bought him a potty wheel to sit on (so he doesn't fall in...LOL!) I hope this helps you.

I can't wait to see all the new goodies in our shop!


Oh! Sweet Andrea...I have one son, a daughter and husband. Our son and daughter are both married...so, my sweet DIL gets to handle any aim issues, now...as my daughter learns to live with a boy and sharing the same bathroom with him! (she was lucky growing up, she had her own bathroom).

I think possibly the best solution is a urinal ha!ha!...there seems to be much more porcelain to aim for...maybe that's why they are used in public restrooms...lol!! I really did see a house we were looking to buy that DID have a urinal in their pool house...It shocked me when I first saw it...then I realized...hmmmm...not a bad idea...Good luck, sweetie...maybe the Cheerios idea will work...I would say it couldn't hurt...but then again....maybe not!


Best of luck!.. I am the mother of 5 boys and 1 girl. When younger the boys were taught that "gentlemen sit!".. that worked for a long time.. but these days I can't say much for their aim!.. But I make them clean the throne so that does help a bit :)


Come up for some air Andrea!!
Don't sweat it!
Do what you can, when you can.
We can wait for the new goodies.
Enjoy the time with your family.
Don't know about that aim thing, since I had a girl.

Oh Andrea, your blog makes me laugh! Sorry that I find humor in your agony, but I have been there and I did survive. I am running around trying to get things done before our trip to Canton. We'll be there from 6/13 through 6/18. Please don't buy all the goodies in Hartville.
Enjoy your visit and that glass of wine.

I don't think they ever learn to aim unless they are made to clean the bathroom! Give him some little clorox wipes and supervise him and have him clean around the toilet! He'll probably love doing it! I made the BIG mistake of telling my 4 year old (at the time) to clean his mess.....let me just say he decided to use a washcloth and hang it back up on the towel rack....you can only imagine the rest.....

I know what you mean with time seeming to fly! Before I became a blogger, time moved slower...now I've a multitude of projects and things to finish for the fair and stuff.

As for the potty. In the master badroom we have the toilet seperate. (thank god) I don't use it any more and don't bother cleaning it eathier. It's all for my hubby.

I do use one of the other two bathrooms and share it with our almost 4year old boy, Dyllan who is pretty much potty trained except for over night. Yea!

I do however insist that he go potty sitting down in our house, and I always make it a habit to wipe the seat for me.

I too have to laugh at the toilet seat issue with boys. My son is 10 and still has problems with his aim. I know that all too soon when he is off on on his own, I will miss those clean ups befor I sit down... but not so much now! Good Luck!!

Hi Andrea,
Boy do I get a kick out of your daily toils and tribulations! Sorry – it just takes me back a decade or more to when I was exactly where you are, asking the same questions, while pulling my hair out! Guess what? It does get better! No, they never learn to aim (I’ve got a 16 year old boy). But count your blessings – you don’t have a teenage daughter who steals your mascara on a daily basis! And your straightener probably doesn’t go missing – right? Boys have their perks! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, now have that glass of wine!

I have 2 boys but they're 12 and 10 now (almost 11). I can't remember, for the life of me, when that stopped happening. Cleaning the toilet is my least favorite cleaning job. I can't think of anything more gross to clean, can you?

On a much brighter note. I've found some shoes for you.


If that crazy, long link doesn't work, go to Anthropologie and type in 'Summer Fruit Slides'. I've bought a pair already but we probably won't be at the same place at the same time. LOL.

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