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May 21, 2008


Oh, my dear, I make lots of little strawberry pincushions which are beaded much like those on your lovely bag - I'd be happy to make you some!!

Great purse Andrea!!
Of course, I love the strawberries.
Have a great day, and good luck with the new photos.

ohhhh, that is a good one. I love it too!
I totaly believe you that is was a necessary purchase.

Wow! Lucky you!! That bag is gorgeous!

That is one fantastic purse. I marvel at the work women went to in creating these works of art. I love the detail on those pea pods. Absolutely amazing.

The purse is adorable! I LOVE the pearly pea pods. Thanks for sharing!

Lucky girl ...it's fabulous!

FABULOUS purse! The pea pods are just the sweetest! I guarantee your purse will be a conversation piece! :) ENJOY!

Love, love, love it. Perfect for your collection. Clarice

Andrea, this purse is AMAZING! I bid on one EXACTLY like it on ebay, but it went for mega bucks. LUCKY LUCKY girl! It's fabulous, as is everything you share with us.

i so know how you feel...beautiful!

Andrea - - I MUST HAVE THAT BAG!!!

I love those pea pods to death. So cute. Now I'm going to go on a pea pod making frenzy. I wonder if I have large enough pearls for the peas or do I need to go shopping.

You're evil Andrea.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

You & your velvet strawberries...how lucky it is that you & this purse found each other:) Really, Andrea, the purse is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

OMG! That is fabulous!! I love it so much! And those PEAS! Oh my....

Oh, just drooling over here! What a fabulous find!

Love it! It is just to cute. Thanks for sharing.

That is one fabulous purse and one fabulous someone special! Wow, I have never seen anything like it; what a treasure!

This is so adorable! What a great find.

Andrea what a beautiful purse.
Oh no - still no memory card

I just love the purse, the strawberrys and the little peas I would pay good money for as well!!!!
just wonderful!

Hi Andrea,

Just found your fabulous blog & site thanks to Heather at PresentPast.. it's so gorgeous! And you do not sound like a lunatic! (You'd better not-- or I'm one too!) I get like that when certain things that strike my fancy too... I can't let them go! (This week it was an old jar I found, with a creamy lid, filled with vintage pins of all kinds-- not rhinestone (though that would be nice!) but straight pins & safety pins-- I know--call me crazy, but it's just so utilitarian-gorgeous!)
And yes-- ITA-- that purse is totally *Fab*!
Take care,
A Fellow 'Lunatic'

The Universe has your memory card! It replaced it with your fabulous purse...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! The berries and peas are so striking against the black background. I'm glad the purse found its perfect owner. Happy Day!


I collect woven and wicker or basket style purses, but none of the ones I've found ever have anything on them.

This is just too cute!

Andrea, this purse is just amazing!!! I think the pea pods with the pearls are SOOOO cute!! You should try to make some of those... in your free time of course! ;)

Thanks for the well wishes for my surgery...feeling much better now. :)
xo Heather

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