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May 13, 2008


Hello Andrea,
This is Rebecca. I was just calling to tell you that I really dig your new phone and geez how I LOVE those key-chains. I think I want to be a princess too. :) Take care and talk to you later. Bye.

Whoa- my dad worked for Ma Bell when we were kids...those keychains used to be all over the place..I had several to play with....I wonder if he stashed any away?

Super cute phone!

I've been eyeing up those phones for a while now! Really must "invest" in one!!

The keychains are too cute!

Victoria xx

i love the princess phones!!!

Oooh how sweet is that phone! I bet it looks lovely in your home........

Priscilla x

We used to use those little keychain phones in our Barbie house...pink of course!

I LOVE those. I remember having one of those key chains back, in the day. Thanks for sharing those photos and bringing back memories! Laurie

The princess phone is adorable! And the keychains are so sweet! I think when my pretty in pink workspace is complete it may require a princess phone as a finishing touch.

Oh my goodness, those key chains are absolutely adorable! I have never see any like them aorund these parts.

The Princess phone is fab! :)


Love those Andrea!
I always wanted one.

I had one of these when i was a tween.
i saw one during christmas at target.
Now i know where i can find one!!
thanks doll

so cute, Andrea! I want a pink wall phone for my kitchen.

EEEK! Love your pink phone and keychains!!! FUN! FUN!!!!

How cute! I have a pink mary kay phone.
My friend was selling it at a yard sale when another friends little girl wanted it. she said if no one buys it she could have it. well here I walk up and spot it and had to have it! I know I was an ogre but that phone brought out the little girl in me and I had to have it!and since I was a paying customer I won out...lol...
(dont worry I made it up to the little girl)

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow...hello?
Oh, sorry honey, I was just reading this blog, distracted by this pink Princess phone, can I call you back later?

Love the NEW pink princess phone. Maybe I will put one in my new craft space?? ;) OOHHH, and the itty, bitty keychains are too cute. Could we possibly be seeing those in the store? I can see one hanging off my address/phone number book.

Oooh! I have been wanting one of those! ADORABLE!!!

I have 3 of the promotional keychains. 2 aqua-ish blue and one pink. I found them @ the flea market and plan to list them in my store soon. I'm so psyched to come across this post. Enjoy your new phone. I've been collecting old black phones for sometime btw. There's a collector for everything!

Oh my good gracious, that is completely adorable!! :)


Oh yes...I had several miniature princess phones in my dollhouse. What a fun thing to collect! Thanks for the fun post and for the book recommendation. You're a sweetheart!

Oh yes...I had several miniature princess phones in my dollhouse. What a fun thing to collect! Thanks for the fun post and for the book recommendation. You're a sweetheart! Kimla

Those are so cute!

I never had a princess phone, but always wanted one! I remember when they had real rotary dials that took forever to dial someone. I did have one of those little charms in aqua - not my fav color at the time, I wanted pink!

Thanks for the fun memories, Suzanna

Hello Andrea, this is Laura. I think I just found a perfect gift for my daughter. I myself will now be on the hunt for a keychain. Love it!
Can't wait to see what yummy confections you'll carry.
Ciao bella!

That's a cool telephone. I have that phone too. I picked mine up in California at Macy's. It's a beautiful telephone-the perfect shade of pink.

I love your shop. I'm going to go shopping over there now. I hope you've had a wonderful day : )

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