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May 29, 2008


Glad you got to relax over the weekend........+ little boys love the outdoors. Sam is a darling baby!

Your baby is so big now!!!! they look so adorable outside !!! It was a beautiful day and there is nothing wrong with taking a "STAYCATION" (stay at home during a holiday vacation)

Have a wonderful day!!!
PS thank you for your sweet post!!!



You have beautiful boys!



What a beautiful way to spend any day...and your boys continue to amaze me with their "cuteness"...they really are gorgeous...handsome, too...but that adjective has to wait for a later day in their lives...they are too young to think about that...now!

I loved this post...it made me relax as if I was there, basking in the day...looking intently for a hammock...and a nice shady spot to read a book or take a nap! Enjoy these beautiful days...just as you have been!


Your little boys are absolutely precious!! Such wonderful pictures. Got my parcel of pretties from you yesterday....mmmmm....I do love your shop!
Can't wait for the update!!

This is so beautiful, Andrea. The pictures of your sweet boys together reminds me so much of my sweet boys! The one of you and Sam is so lovely. Enjoy your warm days!

OMG!!! they are so stinkin cute!!
and you my dear are gorgeous, even in hot weather.
they grow so fast. enjoy!

that is so cute,
maybe he will be a blimp pilot or a own a hot air balloon,

As usual, the boys are just adorable.
That is so funny about the balloon thing.
Whatever makes them happy!!
Enjoy the days, before it gets too hot!

Adorable, adorable, adorable! Your boys and the balloon story. Tell George he did a great job taking pictures. And you...how do you always look so lovely? I think happiness looks good on you:)

What beautiful boys. How blessed you are!

what a beautiful family you have here!

We had that balloon thing too...can't remember when it ended, darn, why do we always keep track of firsts but not lasts! What a great memory to be reminded of though!

Your boys are so handsome. Great photo of you on the blanket with Sam. Who doesn't want balloons everyday? Someday that will be a very special and happy memory for all of you. :)Thank you for sharing your family time with us. George takes a great photo.

I hear ya about the the sticky Northern Virginia weather! Those pictures are wonderful. 20 years from now you will be so thankful to have so many. My kids were babies before digital cameras...so I don't have nearly the amount of candid photos that I'd love to have!

Those boys of your's are growing up way too fast! Time just has a way of marching on..........

What a great first word (after mama, of course)! It's funny what kids come up with. Looks like you and the boys had some much-deserved downtime. Best advice I ever received as a mother -- Don't blink! Thanks for sharing such a sweet snippet of your life.



I absolutely love (love, love, love, love!!!) having two boys. I feel so lucky-every day of my life.

I can see you feel the same way in your posts. How beautiful, Andrea (and you look gorgeous in that photo!). How wonderful it is to be a Mother....

Best wishes!

By the way, Mario is really growing up but not too much! I'm concerned about Jack growing up too fast too. He's 12 now. OMG. Almost a teen!

Glad you had such a relaxing long weekend... I spent mine weeding! (My weeds were growing their own weeds!) But now my 12-year-old has agreed to help with the flower beds, for a fee of course! Which is great... I'm happy to hand over the spade!

Is that you with the adorable picture of Sam? I love that picture.

OMG! Time goes by way too fast.. your baby isn't looking so baby-ish! Mine are now two months! Yikes! So sweet are those pictures!


I think Mario would like it at our house, normally it is full of balloons, over 100,000 at last count. Of course most of that is stock but the kids bedrooms are quite often like some weird balloon forest. My motto - You'r never to old for a balloon :-)

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