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March 16, 2008


Hi Andrea,
I know, I can never get out of Michael's with just the supplies that I went in for.
Glad you had such fun!!

Andrea...you are just so funny! And they really DO need bigger shopping carts at Michael's. Love everything you got including those big jars of acrylic paint. And I am thinking those pale blue and cream fabric covered boxes would be perfect in my little abode. Thanks for the heads up..

At least you did your part to ward off the recession. :)
Wonderful things--I'm off to check out the boxes!!

I know. I just went to Michaels and picked up a couple of those myself. They are sweet! I am so glad you got out for a little while. I have two wonderful children but to be able to slowly look down each isle is heaven! Enjoy! Julie


Hey Andrea-
I LOVE Michaels too. I force my eleven year old to go with me alot- he always whines "mom, not Michaels again...." He bears with me as I quickly scan every isle but of course I love those quiet trips with just me and my debit card where I can browse whining free. :) Well anywho, looks like I am off to check out the storage boxes. Take Care.

Arent those boxes from Michaels great! Did you also see the big shadow boxes with the same papers in them? Love them.

I purchased some of these boxes too, from Michael's and also a lovely glass curio with the same background with a glass knob on it, and I love them! Enjoy your day without kids and your new finds!
xo, Tiffany
PS I loved my wallpaper pack I recently ordered from you!

Oh wow I love all your finds Andrea! What a delightful shopping trip for you! Wish we had Michaels shops here in Germany too!
Carol xox

Oh what fabulous things you have bought
Such fun for you to get out and shop

Hi Andrea!!!

As a mom myself I need that 20 minute escape, go to Michael's and just pick up some materials and some inspiration here and there, it is a must for moms who love to create!!! I have to go today (my day off) to pick up some paint and take a look at whats on sale, Like those shiny eggs....what can I do with them?

Take care and hugs to the baby and Mario!!!

Take care
Flavia Soaps & More

What lovely finds from Michaels! That's on my "sightseeing" list for my visit to USA next month!!


Wow, you really made out. I love this little post showing me all the good stuff just waiting for me. Sometimes it just looks better when it isn't surrounded by all the other stuff in the store. Reading this post is kinda like having my own little personal shopper, thanks!

What a nice break for you. Yes, I did see all those cute boxes at Michaels. Saw the pots too. Came home with one, myself! That's a great line, isn't it? Enjoy!


You deserve the "me-time", Andrea! Don't you just love Michael's? I can never get out of there with just "the things I needed"...nope, hasn't happened yet. After seeing all your great finds, I think it's time for me to do a little shopping:)

Ummmm. Would you mind deleting this post for like, say, two days? That should give me just enough time to race over there and purchase all of that yummy goodness before anyone else does. No? Oh well, I guess I can share. Sharing is nice. It really is! XO XO

I'm laughing right now because I'm remembering taking my toddler with me to Michael"s. She knew the store sign when we would drive around the corner & would immediatly start crying, "No mommy, not Michaels again, please"!!! That little stinker! Now she's 12 and I cry, "no Kayla, not Hollister again, please"!!! Ha ha! Your blog is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes just going to the grocery store can be like a "day at the spa for me". We have a Starbucks in our grocery store so I get a Chai Latte Grande....linger in the magazine aisle longer than usual....and sometimes fall into a partial coma just staring at all the cereal choices. And going to Michaels alone?! It's like a vacation. I saw those boxes which are so charming....but I didn't see those cream bowls. Hmmm....I'll just have to look again.

Sounds lovely...I still have a gift card around here someplace for Michaels too!

YAY! I feel retail therapy coming on!

How wonderful to have such a friend who offered to babysit. Sounds and looks like a fabulous trip to Michaels. Now I think I'll have to make a trip to my local Michaels.

I wish we lived just a little bit closer so we could meet at Michaels! Although looks like if I were with you I would be getting into trouble!!

i have to get to michaels!

That is probably my favorite store. I don't know. Barnes & Noble is close. At any rate, I try to stay out of there. And my poor son says it's the store he dislikes most, because recently we have spent more time than usual. I could spend days in there and easily buy up most of it!!

Andrea,Just discovered your great blog last night. I ended up going to Michaels earlier tonight and bought a cute lamp, a clock and 2 pillows from the cottage collection.Such great prices at 40% off. Tnanks for spreading the word. Deana

Oh!! I love Michaels so much. I am 12 and I do a lot of bead shopping at Michaels. I have an etsy page and a blog and I do lots of craft fairs. I sell lots and lots of jewelry locally here where I live. I'm always running out of something and sometimes instead of waiting for an order to come from my wholesaler, my Mom takes me to Michaels for the things I'm desperate for. Michaels is a dangerous place!!

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