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March 18, 2008


OH MY!!!!!!!!!!
I will be on the hunt for one well I mean two... of those tonight! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

O my gosh!! You just brought me to heaven and back! The contents of that beautiful box, wow!

oh my goodness!! wow!! LOVE all the fabulous jewels!! the boxes are amazing too!! xo Britt :-)

It never occurred to me to use it that way! What a great idea. And I've been trying not to buy that whole line. Darn, now I have to go to Michaels again. What a drag :-)

What lovely treasures and such great storage for them too!

Victoria x

Oh, what pretties!!! Thanks for sharing!

Beautiful!! I could just roll around in those jewels! lol They are so pretty just to look at. :)

Beautiful!! I could just roll around in those jewels! lol They are so pretty just to look at. :)

Everything is so pretty. You can do so much with them.....Stacy

You know what.....I think I'm going to have to ditch the red thing here and start looking at soft browns and pale pinks. I went to Michaels yesterday and saw this and thought...it won't work in my house. As I posted in my first Blog entry....I'm a Red girl in a Pink world....I might have to change that... one room at a time.

Beautiful. You got me realizing that I would need these boxes as I do bead work :) Thanks!

What a beautiful collection of jewels! I love vintage jewelry and can't wait to aquire a much as you have.

you are the queen of all things beautiful ON sale and FOR sale... your ideas blow me away.

score!! what a great find.
better yet the goods inside the box!!

Well, I'm just going to have to waddle (due in 3 weeks) over to Michaels. I don't have anything nearly as lovely as what you've shown to put inside such a box, but it will still be fun to play with. Loved everything in the previous post as well. Thanks for sharing your finds!!

WHAT BEAUTIFUL JEWELS AND SUCH A GREAT BOX TO STORE THEM IN.. You have a "eye" for sparkly things... You have a lovely blog and
it is filled with "eye candy" and inspiration... Happy Spring!!

amazing jewels - wish i had all that stash!! thanks so much for sharing !!!

Oh, those shiny, sparkly things make my heart beat faster. When did I become so in love with this stuff? I remember when I wouldn't even wear jewelry!

The shadowbox case is a must-have--your collection is lovely!

You're a very bad influence on me! ;)

I just ran to Michaels this evening and purchased some of the creamy pottery pieces in your previous post, a large vase in the mocha color and a smaller piece in cream They were a perfect find and CHEAP! Now I'm wishing I would have picked up one of these cabinets as I was eying them myself.

I was just made aware of your blog from Heather of Pretty Petals and am so glad she shared it with me! She noticed the box you got from Michaels...and I just today posted a bunch of treasures I found there last Sunday. I didn't see the lovely box you found...because I surely would have taken it home if I had! I love that you decided to use in that manner with your jewels so beautifully displayed! Divine!

Oh wao. You are the Queen of Bling!!!!
Love it.

I don't know how Wow become wao. Must have shut my eyes for that typo..
So wow Miss Queen of Bling.
It is sensational


oops... sorry for the capslock....

OMG! That is a great way to use this cabinet! Mine has just been sitting in my craft room waiting for me to hang it on the wall....Duh, I guess it doesn't have to be hung! To bad I wasn't thinking "outside the box"! THanks Andrea!
xo, Tiffany

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