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February 18, 2008


oh my girlfriend! boy have you been busy!!!!! Go and enjoy your time away!!!

Enjoy your much-deserved break! I received my order today and I gobbled up the delicious lollipop right away! I was wondering if i can order some of those lollipops from you when you return? Let me know..Sandy

You go girl! Just look at all of those orders. Have fun on your trip. Lori

Have a nice trip!
can't wait for more of your creations, I was too late getting in on the eggs!

Have a great time Andrea!!

Gosh and I thought I had a lot to do...look at all those boxes!!!! You are truly an inspiration~making it work!
Have a great vacation...looking forward to more of your GORGEOUS eggs...by reading your comments it looks like alot of us were struck by your magical eggs~LOL!!
Take care,

My fingers are crossed that my order is in that bunch because I am DYING to get my lollipop! ;) I have been thinking about since I ordered. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Take Care.

I want the big box on the right, ok?
Wow that is a lot of boxes. You are fast on that packing. There are some great things about the postal service lately aren't there? I love they deliver the empty boxes too!

I'm looking for unique gifts made in shape/color of strawberries.

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