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February 05, 2008


Just wanted to congratulate you on the crash, soo much love all at once. I tried to get in at that time too but had to wait till my lunch.. Ill have to wait till next time for some of your lovlies but thats ok. Take your time with my order Im in no hurry. But be sure to eat more that just crust you;ll need to keep up your strength. Happy your back.. Kathy H. San Jose, ca

good luck with all thats going on!!

You are so sweet. I'm so happy that business is doing well for you. I'm sure you'll be busy putting packages together for awhile. Enjoy and good luck!

Oh, at the time it was a bit frantic, but in hind site it was a bit funny wasn't it?! And really, in this case - server crash = lots of love!
Glad you are reopen - I was running out of those WONDERFUL Italian glue sticks you sell that smell like almonds - yum! I love those, and am happy to replenish my studio with them!

I missed out on some many lovelies...I was at work and couldn't get on at open time...and what a mad rush! I am soo excited for you!!! My order is coming, but I am in no hurry and I am going to wait to see your new goodies on the 12th!

many many many congrats on all the love that is crashing down!!

Many congrats Andrea!! Can you tell we all missed you?!?
Looking forward to 2/12 :)

Wow Andrea!!
Sounds like a 3 ring circus. I had a feeling things weren't right when I was ordering.
Glad everything is going well now.
Do the best you can!

Hooray for the crash Andrea! ;0] You are indeed well loved. I know you have TONS to do, and it seems to be multiplying by SQUILLIONS, but do take a moment to make yourself a proper PBJ sammich and have a glass of milk too, if you please...A busy mommacita has to keep her strength up. Congrats on your well deserved success!

Couldn't happen to sweeter gal. ;) I placed my order today and can hardly wait for it to arrive. But, being the mother of a toddler and a teenager (3&16) I know what a circus life can be. So happy it is all better. :)

Sorry....I guess **CRASH** is how you spell 'anxious to buy' in blogland!! Obviously!! we are glad you are back. Family comes first, we will just have to learn to be patient! Take care.

Oh Andrea it is so hard to do all the shop stuff and look after 2 little guys. Well done.

Oh Andrea that sounds really stressfull to me! 2 little kiddies and a shop phew. I wish you all the luck I can and very stong nerves! Carol xox

Just found your blog through a friend. Sounds like a simply smashingly stressful day! Made me laugh, I remember being so exhausted I used to eat the crusts off my daughter's grilled cheese sandwiches - good stuff to remember even though you're ready to drop!
~Will have to spend more time here, looks lovely and sounds as though your business is booming. Congrats and eat a whole sandwich, you deserve it!

*squeal* How wonderful for you!!

All that lovin'....well deserved, I might add.

Glad the fire is out! Hope it wasn't too stressful for you. Here's to your continued success.


Congratulations on your crash and on your Fun opening Andrea...its kind of like lining up outside the door of a great boutique to be first inside! Your merchandise is fabulous, I WISH you luck in keeping it coming. Oh, and keep your cupboard filled with Peanut butter!

Congratulations on the new look and feel of the shop, Andrea. I must say, it's wonderful now. I just placed an order (with a little note in comments section) and am so excited to get these great goods.

Here's to continued success!

I just found your blog and it is so fabulous, I just had to tell you. I am a mom of a 13 month old with a boutique as well but only online thru etsy. I am so happy for you! Are you going to have any wallpaper packs in your shop soon? They are beautiful!

It seems like you got "One HUndred Wishes" all at once yesterday! store sales,kids needing you, the phone ringing of the hook! It always seems to happen that way, huh? Glad everything worked out for you. Your items are so beautiful.

Congrats & welcome back! By the time I got to the site, lots of what I wanted sold out :) Take care! You are a superwoman doing all that. I have 2 little ones & don't know if I would have had the composure!!


Your site and blog are just amazing!! I will definitely be coming back and adding you to my links list!!!

Hi Andrea, oh what cute chaos!! Congratulations on your shop re-opening, everything is just gorgeous! Jenn and Jacqui

I just Love...Love...Did I mention LOVE...your site!! I happened to stumble onto it by linking to a link from Country Living Magazine. Kudos on this great gem!!

oh my!! I am madly in love with your blog, your website! heavenly!!

I wish you had this scene on video too ;)

xo ~Bella

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