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February 22, 2008


Good morning Andrea! What a gorgeous surprise you received from Jeni. Thre are some truly beautiful, kind, caring and very generous ladies in our blogging family! That is an adorable assortment of gifts. We know Heather's beautiful eye all too well for pretties, she has some of the most gorgeous things we have ever seen! And she is a lovely lady too :) Thanks for the other lovely links, we shall enjoy checking these out, fab! And a stapler that does not jam, need one of those!! Have a lovely weekend Andrea, we look forward to continuing Shop Girls !! Jenn and Jacqui

fabulous goodies! that hat from Heather is too cute!! love everything :-) xo Britt

Glad you loved your hat Andrea! That is sooo sweet what Jeni sent you... love the little marshmallow hearts! I must get one of those stapler fastener things. I am always fighting with mine.

Have a nice trip!
xoxo Heather

Hi Andrea! I just received two packaged from you this week and everything is just beautiful! I love the way you package everything and the yummy lollypop too!! Thank you so much, I cant wait to get started on my goodies! I am the mother of five little boys from ages of 9-3. I know how hard it is to adapt, I sure hope things are getting easier for you!


Love the hat from Heather.
How sweet of Jeni to send you a gift.

God bless Sam on his baptism.both my grandbabies are getting christened Sunday also and i am so looking forward to it! have fun visiting and sharing the love!!!

How beautiful! Enjoy your new stapler! It's so cool!

Great stuff Andrea!!
I think I need that stapler like that one.
How nice the women are in blogland.
You have a nice weekend too!

I love the packaging! I may have to think again on some of the packaging for my own products!

Hi! I'm a long time reader, first time commentor...everything you received is just lovely! McMaster and Storm is a FABULOUS place...I know you would love it! I'm lucky enough to live fairly close, so I've been there a couple of times...Darcy and Kara are amazing! I love everything in your shop, too!

I always love to find new "shops"! Thanks for sharing, will look forward to Shop Girl 2! :)


Gorgeous old hat!
Sandra Evertson

Did you get my e-mail? I tried to send you my info. I hope you got it. I will keep checking my e-mail from you. Please leave a message on my blog if there is a problem with the e-mail. Thanks!

i know you're enjoying your time w/ your family.
after this blustery cold day...what a treat to see results of our wrappings from a "blog" view this evening.
take care,
love kara & darcy too

Wonderful post...I love the new hat! Gorgeous. I am totally in agreement that there are some very inspiring and creative women out there in blogland!

I have to tell you that before reading this post we received our One Hundred Wishes package and my 17 year old noticed the cute little staples holding our bundles of ribbon together. I may have to give the "Ohio Girls" a call!

wow, i truly love your adorable shop!
I also am a fan of Mcmaster and Storm.
I can't wait to order some of your lovelies for my shop!

You are officially "tagged". More info here http://vintageindie.typepad.com/vintage_indie/2008/02/for-fun-ive-bee.html


beautiful treasures!!

Great post and what is that little stapler called? I just have to have one. Thanks for posting it and I will be sure to visit your etsy shop and shop! But tell me more about where to buy it their site isn't up yet:(

I really like your blog! I am so glad I found you. I was searching for millinery leaves and here you were with the sweetest embellished eggs! I am currently creating a velvet leaf wreath with vintage brooches on it and pretty ribbon, I hope I find all the supplies my mind is dreaming up! I know about life with two kids, I have two boys and I never sleep. :) Good luck with that and thanks for being inspiring!

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