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February 20, 2008


OMG Andrea are you all going to fit in the car with all of the luggage you are taking??
Busy, busy girl.
A flea market with your Mom sounds like fun.

Your trip sounds like it'll be perfect but I know the feeling that there isn't enough hours in the day to prepare for it!



Have a safe and wonderful time with your family on such a blessed occassion a baptism for your son.

girl yo have allot to get done!!
enjoy your trip. relax!

It sounds like you have a lot to do!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip, take care and be safe, I hope you find a lot of good things at the flea market!!!

have a safe trip!!!


So funny how us MOMS have a never ending LIST of to dos before a trip..lol and heck we always bring everything but the kitchen sink..haha!
Have a great time :)

You've been awarded the "You Make My Day Award" because you inspire me daily with your creativity! I've posted your link on my blog.

Ooooh, those packages are so lovely. Good luck with "the list" and have a safe & happy trip!

Whew! I thought I had alot to do.... It will all be worth it when you get to your parents. I hope you have a wonderful time. By the way I got my order today and OH MY! I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again, your the best. Take Care.

i just stumbled upon your blog-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my lucky day! you have such great creations- I'll be back!

Yay, You're coming this way. But it's oh so cold. Sorry! xo Rachel

Ohio....I was born in Ohio. Small world. I can't imagine that you will get everything done on your list...but, I know you will. I love the package by the way...very pretty. Have a safe trip, but a fun trip.

Hi Andrea, that list looks like our holiday checklist!! Have some fun and relax, you sure deserve it :) Jenn and Jacqui

Hi, Andrea--

Whew! Reading your list makes me feel a little exhausted. :) I, too, started a To Do last night divided into three sections: In the Shop, For E-Commerce, and Personal. The Personal list alone could have taken me a 40 hour week to complete! After about 10 minutes, I stopped listing and moved on to actually *doing* something.

Wonder if I'll be seeing you this weekend since you'll be in town for Sam's baptism??? :)

Safe travels, lady!


Have a great trip! AND remember if you forget anything there's always walmart or target when you get there! Can't wait to see the goodies you get at the flea market.

Have a wonderful trip!!

Have lots of fun Andrea!
xo natalea

Your list is making ME tired!! Have a great time! Although I don't comment often, I check your blog regularly and you are just so fun and talented!!

um, i love my ribbons...thank you!

Andrea, I just got my package and I love, love, love my egg and other goodies! Your packaging was so much fun! I love the attention to detail! Shannon

Andrea, I received my package today... Oh thank you so much!!! It just MADE my day....thank you!!!!! I think they are probably the prettiest packages I have ever gotten. lol I LOVE my baskets!

Have a wonderful trip home... I hope you are safe, the weather is frightful today! xoxo Heather

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