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February 17, 2008


Oh Andrea I am sure you would rather be an Aussie. We may not have that accent but we sure are fun to party with.

I saw that pillow a few days ago on her site & thought it was cute too. It does not look hard to make though, so I'd just sew a knock-off & save $175!

Okay...now I wish were British too! Being Texan doesn't really have any appeal at all...and one always gets 'made fun of' for the drawl...
I'm 'fixin' to cry....
Debra :)


Hi Andrea! We adore Nigella too! She is a very classy lady and boy can she cook! And her accent, very elegant!! And her duck egg blue cashmere twin sets, wouldn't we love a few of those!! Jenn and Jacqui :)

That's an awful lot of nice things to say about us thank you or should I say ta :0)

I would love to swap some magazines with you Andrea, it can'b be the romantic homes though. I was so desperate I had to take out a subcription on that one. lol

Best wishes Ginny (over the pond)

Hi Andrea,

I would be more than happy to do a swap with you. If you haven't already sorted it out...or if any other ladies would like to do so. Isn't it funny we all seem to want what others have. We dream of one day living in America..my friends have already made the move to Texas, I wish I was that brave too x

Looks like i'm following the other opinions and being British wish I was American!!

i would be happy to do some swaps with some British magazines, i love the American ones and already have a few subscriptions!!


I have always wished I was British. My great-grandparents were, but sadly I never got to meet them. What a great idea about the British magazine swap. I did a swap recently and the girl who sent to me is Swedish and she sent me a magazine and a vintage calender - so fun!

Oh, it is such a dream of mine and I'm sure to alot of you to go to England....maybe someday! Hey Andrea, maybe you can plan a group trip to go!!:) Okay, okay, maybe we can just do a British swap for now but we need to plan that trip in the future! I would love to do a British swap if anyone is interested please email me also. What a great, fun idea girlie. Cheerio O! Is that British??!! :)

xoxo... Catherine

I want to be Nigella too !!! Clarice

I'm with you...if it has "made in Britain" attached to it, I'm in love. I tell my husband all of the time that if he ever got transfered to England (not likely) that it would be just fine with me!!!

I adore the pillow...I could be in England right now sitting by a fire with pillow underfoot and a cup of tea in my hand!

I love that pillow Andrea!!
Maybe you could make one like it.
I think British accents are so cool!
Have a great day!

What nobody wants to move to Canada,eh??? hahaha
Just teasing!!! If anyone wants to trade magazines & tiny treasures I would adore that...I have a bounty of both,Cheers


I don't live in London, but my sister does!!! I cannot wait to go in October to visit her and my nieces.. All that cool stuff just waiting to be bought !!!!! Barnes and Noble has a few British publications if you cannot wait!!!
Carol G

i adore nigella and on sunday mornings at 10:30 i dont want to be bothered for the whole half hour,so i can watch her show....i too pretend im british,and when i cook i have a british cooking show,sometimes french but i do a better brit!!

I lived in Hannover, Germany a couple of years ago, and the train station book store sold the British Magazines, LOVED THEM!!
Oh and I love Nigella too!!

Okay I fess up too... I dream of being British and living in the English Country Side. Speaking prim and proper like the girls in Sense and Sensibility or Becoming Jane and wearing lovely dresses. Oh to dream. What a wonderful idea about the swap, wouldn't that be so much fun! I hope that you can find someone to do that with and if any one would like to swap with me I would be thrilled!! Please just let me know. WONDERFUL Idea Andrea- thanks for sharing. :) Take Care.

Oh, to be British, even for a day! British decorating magazines are a personal "vice" and I pay the premium price for the pleasure at my local bookstore! How fun it would be to make friends with someone from the UK and exchange all American goodies for something from England! Your idea is brilliant!

oooh!! I soo LOVE that pillow!! My Mom is British and her bday is coming up. I might try and make her one like it. (Hubby bought me a sewing machine for Valentines,but I suck at sewing! lol) xo Britt

Count me in Andrea and YES I am British, Scottish to be exact. I am also a mag-a-holic and would love, love, to swap mags. Email me with the details when you organise it! Thanks, loving your blog, sweetie!

oh i love Nigella too!!! and anything british...the thought of living in a cute english village would be exciting!!
we get british mags over here (australia) and australian mags too - so if you were ever to want to do a magazine swap id be more than happy!!

Me too, I always read to my kids in a British accent just for fun. They love it. Did you see the Charlie bit my finger video. So cute and funny.

We love Nigella here too - there is just something about her soothing voice and tactile hands that lulls me into submission. :)

If I weren't just plain old American, I would love to be an Italian! I was a missionary there for a year-and-a-half, and left half of my heart behind me. I plan to take each of my children back for their twelfth birthdays; alone, so I have an excuse to go more often!

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