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February 13, 2008


Andrea, you make me chuckle:) And, I'm with you...I'll take chocolate anytime! Have a Happy Valentine's Day with your sweet guys.

You are delightful. Have a wonderful day, and squeeze those adorable little babies for me! xo Rachel

I am so excited to look at the new collection on Friday. I just love all of the vintage music sheets that you have. They are so awesome. By the way, I am the one that won the contest below and I am not sure if you need my e-mail address so here it is case you need it to get ahold of me: jennihaywood@yahoo.com
Hugs to you. Thanks!

Oh, Andrea!!!! You're killing me!!!! The 12th, the 14th, the 15th . . . I just can't wait!!! LOL! :o)

I missed some great things (sold out) on your grand re-opening, and I'm hoping to get some goodies this time around.

We'll all be waiting with bated breath, as they say!


Hi Andrea,
I can't wait to see the Spring goodies.
I am in that mode. I have been making Spring goodies myself.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Oh Andrea what a huge box of chocolates. Yummy.

Oh Andrea, I just got both my orders today, packaging was just beautiful, didn't want to unwrap anything, I love all my things, I can't wait till Friday, Happy V-Day!! xxoo

temecula, calif

You are such a funny girl!! I loved your blog post on your nest of wires..I can so relate. And from one chocolate lover to another, here's a true confession for you. At Target the other day, I bought a box of Mrs. Fields chocolates and proceeded to eat almost half of them in my car in the Target parking lot! Once I realized what I had done, I donned my darkest shades and threw the rest of the box in the dumpster. I think I need some kind of intervention!

ok i get it,i wouldnt be able to post easter on valentnes day.....but we are salivating!! and i want thqat box of chocolates too! but i dont think its on weight watchers!

Andrea...is that actually RED I see on your blog post? It is certainly not part of your ever perfect color palette, but we will excuse it since the candy looks so yummy. Look forward to seeing Friday's delights.

Cannot wait for Friday Andrea!!! I just recieved your package today and it was just amazing!! Your attention to detail is awesome, thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I'd recognize those chocolates anywhere! It's See's!! My sweetie gave me a box this morning- not as big as that one, though! Yum.

can't wait to see what goodies you have added to the shoppe, along with other favs! ooh, that stick glue you sell... so yummy. Yep, I'm needing more of that, and that yummy super fine glitter!

open, open, open!

I found your website on accident while looking for baby shower ideas last month and you have truly inspired me to let my imagination go wild. Love the web site!!!!
New San Diego Fan Tania
PS I would be british too if I had to choose in my next life!! :)

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