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January 08, 2008


HI Andrea!! So nice to see these pretty pictures!!! I am sure that is not easy with a newborn, but things should get better as you already know, it helps to surround yourself with pretty things, it always makes you feel so much better... Take care!!!


Hi Andrea!

I'm sorry your having a rough time. My "baby" is 7 now, but I well remember those weeks when I was unsure of myself or feeling generally overwhelmed.

Focusing on those pretty things that make you smile sure sounds like you're on the right track... and a nice long bubble bath won't hurt either! (I don't recommend a week straight... You would be sooooo pruney! lol)

Hugs to you. Take care of yourself.



Sending warm mommy wishes to you!! Things will get better - you and baby Sam will find your way! Thanks for sharing your pretty pics with us and if you find someone to cook you dinner - let me know because they can come to my place next :) Take your bubble bath with a good glass of wine - it will all be there tomorrow.


Your blog is always so inspiring to me! I feel as if you live and work in a wonderland.

Warm Mommy Hugs to you in this trying time. I have two ages 6 and 3 and when they were both "little" it was really challenging for me. Hang in there. You will catch up on your sleep soon and in 3 years, you will wish you had these moments back. I would give any amount of sleepless nights for a baby coo or the smell of a newborn all swaddled up and tucked in tight next to me. Take care of yourself and remember to get out by yourself every once in a blue moon. (easier said than done).


Thanks for all the lovely eye candy!Hang in there-remember,this too shall pass.

((((Andrea)))) It's hard when they are tiny and cannot tell you what is wrong, isn't it?

When Jack was really bad I would always try more food. LOL And the swing. Does Sam like the motion? Maybe a ring sling? Do you have one of those?

Oh Andrea,
I so know how you are feeling right now. I've had five and know you are totally exhausted. Please nap when the baby naps, don't worry about laundry, or trying to do so many chores while the baby sleeps. (Big mistake I always made) I breastfed my two youngest and also supplemented with Carnation Good Start (it's very thin like breast milk), so don't think you're failing if you have to add in some other formula....I'm sorry you're so tired, I wish I lived nearby and I would be right over with a nice dinner for you all! xxoo, Dawn

Hi Andrea,
So sorry you are having a bad day/week. It will get better, I promise. If I lived near you I would certainly make dinner for you. Since I'm not, I hope this little note cheers you up. I loved you vignettes. They are really pretty. You have lovely things. That table does look like one at the flea market. Speaking of flea markets I am feeling flea market deprived lately. The next one near me is in Feb. can't wait.
Anyway feel better!
Try to get some rest if you can.

Have you tried a feeding routine? I was having the same problem until I started feeding my kids every 3 hours. (when they were little like that) Then I would do the "eat, play, sleep" routine. It took about 10 days...then, I only had happy giggly babies. They never had colic and almost never cried. Don't get me wrong...It was tough and I have much simpathy for you. I just was hoping give you some encourgement. I'll be praying for you and your little one to get some sleep.

Your blog and site is so beautiful! I can't wait for your store to open again.

Sending you lots of Hugs!

Its all in the sleep or lack of! Tired stressed Mummy, stressed baby. I agree with Susan, feeding routine works well. Its a scary business having a baby. Get take out or ready made pasta and sauce. Take the bubble bath. Take more photo's - for us to enjoy! And if it gets worse or dosen't go away seek medical advice, you may have a little post natal depression. Thinking of you, Rachael:)

Oh how I remember that phase! My baby is now 12 and he was such a tough lil' guy when he was a baby. I don't think I got one little wink of sleep with him. He had colic and his little tummy made him cry all the time. My heart goes out to you.

Huge hugs,

Hope you're feeling better soon. Your display items are a few of my favorite things, too.
Trish G.

Oh, my dear, I wish that I lived closer and I would gladly come to help! I am sure that you are doing a great job. Tell George that you need a little soak in the tub and you will feel loads better (and a little bite of chocolate wouldn't hurt either).

Looking at all of yur lovelies makes me smile.

I love that aqua box! I'll send you a virtual meal (looks good but has absolutely no flavor!
Hope you get some rest...

I have a 5 month old and 4 year old. Hang in there. Around 3 1/2 -4 months...we all got "the hang of it"....now it's just one big blur when I think back this fall. If it makes you feel any better I was antiquing today and saw a whole shelf full vintage Mary's and thought that the "velvet strawberry lady" would love these! I love how in blog land...no one knows each other but you keep people and there likes in the back of your head!

Hang in there, Im sending positive thoughts your way, Michelle

Oh I remember those days well and my baby is now 23!! It's difficult as Moms we think we should be able to fix everything and even tougher when we aren't functioning on enough sleep and lets face hormones are just a mess. This too shall pass. Wishing you and the little guy peace and rest.

Hi Andrea, thanks so much for sharing your lovely pictures, you truly have a gift. Not to worry, you are allowed to cry whenever you want, the baby will settle down in time (never soon enough)having 2 small kids is not easy but so worth it as you know. Just remember to take some "me", its not being selfesh, its being a good mommie. Take care and soak baby soak in that tub.. Kathy H.

Hang in there, Andrea...and know that there are a lot of mommies out there sending you good wishes!
Go ahead and cry; everyone needs a good cry once in awhile. I wish I could send some sunshine your way because a good "sun soak" can chase any ol' blues away. Just remember to give yourself a break and keep looking at all "the pretties" in your home. So, so lovely. Thanks for sharing! Leah
P.S. If I lived closer, I'd come over and cook for you:)

Thank you for sharing your "favorite little bits" of your home with us. As usual, the photographs you take are lovely. I hope you and Baby Sam will soon be able to settle into a routine so that you both can get some much needed sleep. Wishing you a few quiet moments until then.

Oh Andrea- sleep deprivation is horrible. Hope Sam settles into some sort of routine for you soon. Motherhood is a hard one. Now you have 2 little guys to look after it is tough to do. Try and get some rest when you can.
Take care.

I nursed all three of my kids and wondered the same thing the first 5 months of each one!!! The doctor kept assuring me that as long as they are gaining weight - they are getting enough to eat!! I nursed twins at the same time for a full 11 months - talking about concerned if they were getting enough!!! I'm sure you are doing fine! Just hang in there. . .

WOW! You have a beautiful collection of antiqies and my fav. is the weight scale and your rings! I also LOVE your banner! Did you make it yourself? xoxoSandy

Love your beautiful blog!!Love your gorgeous pics!!! Maybe the little guy has hit a growth spurt!?? Growth spurts involve wanting to eat around the clock. I nursed both my kiddies....I feel for you. Just keep drinking lots of water and make sure you are eating well & getting enough protein in your diet. Take care!

Hi Andrea,
While not a mother, I can certainly see how things can get overwhelming. I hope that you feel better soon. Your lovely tour certainly perked me up!

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