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January 28, 2008


I just found it over the weekend myself! who knew. Its great.

You are not alone...can't wait to see what wonderful things you will have for your "re opening" Andrea.

I love the things you sell...you have such a good eye, and a sweet heart.
xo Lidy

I just purchased her book--which I can't put down. I love the little charms and over the weekend made two of my own. What fun. I am so excited to learn of her blog. Her things are beautiful. I am so excited for the reopening of your store. I can hardly wait to see what goodies you have in store for us. Hope your day is happy. Mimi~

Thanks so much for telling us! There was talk of her having a blog several months ago, but it was just a page on her jewelry site. So glad she's got a real one now!

You've made my day!....week!..... month!.......


I didn't know either!!
Thanks for the update,

thanks, only now I'm gonna need more things! beautiful things!

I missed that she had a blog too! (and I have a bunch of her stuff).
enjoy your blog!

Akkk I did not know either. I am running over there. Thank you Clarice

Just came across your blog, and love reading it! I'll stop back often!

I didn't realize she had a blog, but I recently ordered a few charms (thanks to your blog). Can't wait for your shop to reopen.

Oh RATS! now everyone knows about Sallys blog!LOL.. well I Love your BLOG , its so fun to check in and see what exciting things you are doing, your so inspiring! I am one of the lucky ones to get to go to Sallys class next weekend! I am dying to see her studio! then your store opening, its going to be a WONDERFUL week!

Thanks so much for the tip on this. I had no idea. Like you I LOVE her work it is an addiction to me. Anywho, looks like I will stuck to my computer too this weekend. Can't wait till Monday to see your shop! Take Care

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