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December 03, 2007


The baby is so sweet sleeping there.

(And I think I hear Ohio calling me! LOL)

Oh those first two pictures of the boxes of ornaments take my breath away almost as much as the baby! :)

I'm drooling over all those vintage bulbs!! xo, suzy

OOOoooo Shiny Brite heaven! Thanks for sharing the pictures especially baby Sam. (Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!)


Gorgeous vintage christmas decorations...such beautiful colours!!!
And absolutely gorgeous little boy!!
Kathy :)

I love all your vintage balls and other decorations but I love that very last picture the BESTEST!!
hugs, bj

im so jealous about thos bulbs!!!
i made that banner last year at silver bella. I love it! so beautiful!
have fun decorating!

Love the vintage bulbs...reminds me of some we used to have when I was a kid. I think I need to go raid my parents' attic! Baby Sam looks so sweet sleeping there.
By the way, thank you, thank you Andrea for the "Believe" sign! It's already on display in my living room...I just love it...so sparkly. I'm thinking I may have to keep it up all year round:) Leah

beautiful....and so are the ornaments!!

hi dear!
So nice to hear from you. Love your gorgeous decorations. Glad to hear baby Sam is doing well:)

What cute decorations and what a sweet baby! Happy Holidays!

Great photos and ideas! The last picture is so sweet -
"Snug as a bug in a rug!"

Oh so pretty Andrea!
Wanted to say thanks for my WINTER WISH wand it arrived and I love it!

Oh how I love seeing your ornaments and gorgeous decorations {thanks for sharing} ... and that little baby - Oh how sweet. So bundled warm and toasty. Simply precious!!! {I peek at your blog all the time and seldome comment but your baby inspired me to say hello!}

Baby Sam is so adorable! I'm loving the fuzzy cover - he looks so cozy and warm. I love Buon Natale because Natale is my last name and Christmas happens to be one of my favorite times of the year!

Your decorating style is so beautiful! I LOVE those ornaments...so pretty. And such an adorable baby :)

Love the ornaments Andrea!!
Of course you don't use red.
Your decor is beautiful as is Sam!!
Love his new shiny ornament.
Have fun,

hope you'll share a pic of the tre when you're done decorating...great colors!

Precious baby photo! (love all the merry & bright photos too!)

Love all your gorgeous christmas baubles. The most special picture you have there is that gorgeous little man sleeping peacefully.

What a wonderful start and two young ones to boot. Can't wait to see the finished product!

I have some of the very same glass balls -- but they were either on my childhood trees, or bought by me 39 years or so ago. Sigh. Where does the time go? I have the same pleasure in looking at my collection of ornaments, though, and walking down memory lane.

I just love vintage ornament, wow
yours are beautiful, what a great find!

Love the ornaments, they ARE like candy! But the cutest is ofcourse your sweet Sam.

Hoping you are having such lovely times readying your home for a special Christmas.

Beautiful Andrea! I love the ledger paper on the old window. :)

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