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November 12, 2007


How special that they share the same birthday. It was meant to be!
Sam and Mario are both so sweet and very handsome, indeed!

Love the photo of the 4 of you. How lucky you are that George is so supportive. What a fun day 30th October will be forever more for your family.

What a beautiful family!!
George you are a great guy!
Enjoy your family time Andrea.
Thanks for sharing with us,

What a gorgeous little pumpkin Andrea!!! Congratulations! I wish you all many happy wishes. A beautiful family indeed!


This is a lovely post! George is a very special man indeed and the two of you make a wonderful couple and I'm sure even more wonderful parents!

What a wonderful birthday gift for George! He sounds like a great guy...how very lucky you must feel to have those 3 handsome fellas in your life.
Best wishes to you and your family Andrea!

now thats a beautiful family!! you made me cry....lots of love and luck to you always!

What a beautiful family you have. I love the picture of all of you on the sofa. Those a two lucky little boys to have such a terrific daddy.

Oh so sweet. That father and son photo is wonderful!

Go ahead and gush! You are blessed.

you are such a beautiful family!!!!
your boys are all adorable!
love ya!

ah, gush all you want to! Good hubbies deserve it. Glad you are enjoying the baby. Mine's almost 2, and I'm missing the cooing, 2 naps a day (!), and general babiness!

What a blessing that they share the same birthday, and what a beautiful family you have :)


Andrea, congratulations!! I am sorry I missed the first post to meet your sweet Sam. You are so blessed, your husband is a sweetie, you are right to praise him. And your two little guys are blessed with parents like you.

May God bless all of you. Enjoy this time to the utmost. Capture every little sigh, whimper and smile and lock them in your heart forever.

xo and hugs,

Just the sweetest!

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don't worry! it's not a tag!

what a gorgeous family!!! Sam is sooo cute!!!!

Andrea, congratulation to this lovely family!! The little sam is to sweet and he has so much hair, wow!

What a beautiful family photo! Gorgeous children, I can see why you love to hug and kiss them non-stop! lol Happy birthday to George, that very special man is a keeper for sure!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

What a sweet tribute to your husband - I'm sure he feels the same way about you. :) You have a lovely family!

Congratulations on a beautiful family. Wishing you strength and good health for everyone.

What a beautiful family! You are blessed indeed. Hold them tight and enjoy every minute as the grow up too quick.

What sweet pics and your new little guy is soooo adorable! My sister was born on my Dad's birthday (Aug.14) and my my Mom was so mad about it because her birthday is Aug. 13 (har, har)!!
What a charming blog you have!

You have a beautiful family! How special that two of your guys share a birthday.

Congratulations on your new boy!! I love to see pictures of doting Daddies!

What a beautiful family! Baby Sam has already changed so much. Like you said these time go by so quickly, enjoy them as you are. Pinkie Denise

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