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October 15, 2007


Happy Birthday handsome boy!
He is adorable...

what a lovely little boy you have. Enjoy because tomorrow you'll wake up and he'll be at high school!!

Happy Birthday Mario!!!!!
He is just so cute!!!!!


What a beautiful handsome boy. And you are right, they don't care if Mummy didn't make everything, its just Mummy guilt that cares:)

Mario is so handsome-hope he had a wonderful day!

Happy 3rd Birthday Mario!!
Glad you all had such a fun day!
Andrea, you do the best you can. He loved it and that is all that matters. You are a great mom!!!

Boys are so sweet, they always hold a special place in moms heart. They grow so fast. Enjoy this very precious time. I have three boys, my
oldest is in his third year at college and two little ones are a year apart 5 and 3 at all ages I love them very much. I also have three teenage girls, I love them too sometime I don't know if I will survive! I am really truly blessed. Children are so amazily
wonderful. Pinkie Denise

happy birthday young boy- wow 3 years old-

Happy birthday Mario, what a sweet boy you have there. Enjoy it, it goes by fast. Clarice

They grow so fast - he looks a lot like your childhood photo in the corner of your blog!
You know that children who's parents make everything (cakes, costumes, etc.) feel cheated out of the cool storebought things and children who's parents buy everything feel cheated out of homemade. It's a rule. So, it's really a GOOD thing to mix it up a bit.

Happy, happy birthday to your darling little boy! Love how happy he looks over his presents.

Don't beat yourself up. You have a wonderful shop that is doing great, you are in the last weeks of your pregnancy, etc, etc.

~Cerri xoxo
PS, I love the candle holder, it's very pretty. Vintage?

What a darling little guy! He looks so happy. And, really, don't worry. He had a blast.

I used to do these "make everything, make it special" birthdays for my girls. One day they went to a friend's house for a party, where the Mom(my friend) fed them pizza, and cake and candy, and then let them play outside for an hour. They came home and told me "THAT was the best party, ever!!"

Happy birthday to Mario! He's such a cutie!!

Happy Birthday to Mario :)

He looks very happy in your pictures and indeed that's all that matters!

Happy 3rd Birthday cute Mario!

How many weeks left until his little bro or sis comes?

Best wishes!

Carol xox

Hapde Burfday Mario!

He's so cute! Happy birthday big boy!

Don't worry about not making everything by hand, what he'll remember most is having you there and all the fun you guys had!

Happy birthday to Mario! Looks like a fabulous party.

HAppy Happy Bithday to a sweet little boy.
Both my kids have been crazy in love with that Curious little monkey as well, and Sofia is now 16, and he still sits on her bed, love that.

Take care of yourself.

Happy Birthday to your big boy! Mario is gorgeous - glad to hear that he had a wonderful day.

Well Happy Birthday to Mario! My son Griffin celebrated his 4th birthday on 10/14. Have a great week.


Happy 3rd Birthday Mario!

Hi Andrea,

You have a beautiful blog. I have just visited your shop and ordered the silver glitter. I am planning on using it for Christmas decorations for my little booth.

I bought Artful blogging some weeks ago, but have been so busy that I have barely glanced at it. I see that you have a feature in it, so I am going to put my feet up this evening and read it.

Marie x

happy birthday...he is priceless!!

Happy Birthday, little man!

What a hansome young man! Happy Birthday to your baby boy. You're right, they don't care if it's homemade. You made it happen with love and that's all that is necessary.


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