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October 18, 2007



Best of luck with the new babe. Can't wait to see the new Christmas items when you are back up and running. Take care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing many baby pictures.


Andrea, You are definitely doing the right thing! I can't wait to see all those baby pictures! And I'll eagerly await your re-opening in November. But remember, family first!

I think that is a wise choice Andrea. Take it easy until baby day.
Good Luck to you and your family.
Can't wait to see pictures.
Your friend,

Family comes first! Best wishes for a smooth delivery and enjoy your time off. Look forward to all the baby updates!

I'm so glad to hear you are taking some time off to take care of yourself. I'm sure everything will go very well and you will fall instantly in love with your newest gift from God. Take care.

Take care of yourself!

Anticipating the arrival of new little one ~ what a joyous time! Blessings to all of you! Patricia

Take good care of yourself. Glad you are taking some time off. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

Best of everything to you and your family - can't wait to hear about your new precious baby!


get those orders out and then sit back and relax (as much as you can running after a 3 year old) until the baby comes!!

take care and let me know if you need anything!

oooh!! I bet you are getting really excited to hold the new baby in your arms!! :-)

Enjoy the time off with your family before the baby arrives...as you know life will change. Best of luck - there is nothing like a newborn to snuggle with!

Take care of you, Andrea. I'll be anxious to see the pics and all the new goodies when the shop re-opens.

All my best,

Go kick back and relax (as best you can). We will all still be here when you are ready to re-open. Cant wait to see photos when the baby comes!


good for you!! you deserve some down time before the little one arrives! Keep us updated!


Hope you get lots of rest before the new bundle of joy arrives. Good Luck and can't wait to see what you have in store when you reopen. Take care of yourself.

Some rest I'm sure is long overdue...
Take care & keep us updated!

Oh we can't wait to see new baby pics!!! Your loyal fans will certainely see you at the Boutique when you re-open, no worries Andrea. You have a big following, and I for one (and so many others!) will always be here to support your fabulous business. Take good care of yourself, but most importantly, you, George and big brother cherish those first few weeks of having a brand new life in your home - what a joy. Wishing you peace and lots of luck - and Congratulations!! (George, now is definately the time to buy the Diaper Bag Andrea wanted! heehee )
Best wishes, Sherri


I hope all the happiness for these two weeks and for the labour!

It is a very good decicion to close the shop, to rest before everything happens.


All the best Andrea, enjoy the next few weeks before baby comes. Take Care - Rachael

This is such and exciting time. I wish you every happiness with the arrival of your new little blessing. I look forward to seeing all those baby pictures. Take care and all my best

You be good to yourself right now and take lots of naps xoxox Clarice

Well wishing you all good wishes on the safe delivery of your baby. I helped deliver my eldest daughters baby just last Saturday and even cut the umbilical cord, totally amazing experience!!!

I love ALL your ribbons but I can wait, look forward to shopping with you again.



Good for you...your well-being is so important. Congratulations to you and your family, Andrea! Can't wait to hear about your new little guy's arrival. And, when you're ready, we'll all be eager to shop at One Hundred Wishes again.
Best Wishes, Leah

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