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October 29, 2007


Hi Andrea!
Love your blog. Usually I'm a lurker...though I'd prefer to call myself just a reader. .. I have a question for you. Did they photograph your bracelets for the book cover? It kind of looks like that to me. ?
Thanks for always posting wonderful pics and happy posts!

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for the nice comments earlier about the wedding.
I love all of your charm bracelets. They are really cute.
I used to have one when I was younger. I don't know whatever happened to it.
Thanks for sharing, it was CHARMING!

I was in an antique mall in Richmond a few weeks ago and a lady brought in 3 bracelets to put in her booth(she was unpacking items for her booth while I was there). They were all full of charms and just amazing. I asked her where they came from and she told me an elderly lady that lived next door to her had died and her daughters didn't want them.....only the money for them. She said that they told her that one was the Mother's and the other their Grandmother's and the last one was their Aunt's. So so sad. The bracelets told an entire story of each of these ladies lives and the next generation didn't care. Breaks my heart!

I love love love the heart bracelet. All of them are just amazing and so special. You've inspired me to get out my soldering iron!!!

Wow- lovely bracelets! My neighbor from childhood once gave me a charm bracelet. It had been his wife's- she died and they had no children. I was only ten and far too young for such a wonderful gift- sadly I lost it. I just hope it was found by someone who appreciated it.

I love your charm bracelets! I have quite a few myself (no surprise after our bulletin board twin-ness) and love yours. Hope you are keeping rested and enjoying these last pregnant days.
hugs, Lidy

I hope you are doing well!! I've been thinking about you a lot and keep checking your blog to see if your son has made it into the world yet! :0)

Love all of your bracelets. The heart one is by far my favorite, it's just gorgeous!
The heart that says "George loves Andrea" you bought that at Parcel, right? I was trying to remember....
~Cerri xoxo

LOVE them! I have a charm bracelet--two actually, since the first is full and I had to move on to another. My mom has at least two as well. My mom's was started when she was young--her parents traveled a lot and brought her back charms from every place they went. My bracelet was started for me when I was very, very young--3 or 4, maybe? and I have added charms ever since. Some people collect stamps in their passport--I collect charms for my bracelet. :) I adore the vintage enamel ones, although mine are all sterling silver. I have been looking for that Charm Bracelet book for a while--my library doesn't carry it so I may just have to take a little trip over to Amazon. :)

Oh such pretty baubles!! Thanks for sharing. I have a charm bracelet made by Jodi at So Charmed. It's very kitschy and fun. Hope you are feeling okay, sweetie. Can't wait to see pics of baby Sam.

Oh Andrea - they are all such beautiful pieces. Your photos are so amazing - you truly are one of the best. I am in such "awe" when I come here to visit you! You are absolutely one of my *favorite* blogs! (And, might I add, I am just counting the days til the little one arrives, and One Hundred Wishes re-opens!! I am going through Seam Binding Withdrawel!!! Can we ever get enough of that fabulous stuff??HeeHee!!)
xoxoxo Sherri

LOVE LOVE the charm bracelets! Been meaning to sit down and make one...but where oh where to get the yummy charms??? I think half the fun of making the bracelets is finding just that right charm! So, here's a question for you...where do you get your bracelets? Do you use sterling silver ones, or would they not be able to support the weight of the charms? Do you think it would be superflous to use my Tiffany bracelet (haha, I am kidding DH would die if he saw me do that)?! I miss the store....just recently discovered you and wanted to buy something when you had to close....all understandable, but I am looking forward to your reopening!

girl you never stop amazing me!
you are so talented!!!
love your new charm braclets.
can't wait till the store re opens!
In the mean time
take it easy!!!

Gorgeous!!!! I recently bought an old 'grandmothers cahrm bracelet' at a flea market in NYC...filled with names of grandchild and great grandchildren. Can you imagine it ending up there?!?!? Breaks your heart; so now it has a home with me!! Thanks for sharing -

Hi Andrea,

Such a beautiful collection and so many happy memories.

Marie x

Thanks for the pictures. I dug out my bracelet from teenager years that my grandma started for me and ordered the book. Now to find new charms. I need a football for my son's touchdown last week. Yeah! Especially since this week he is on crutches. Boo!!!

I love charms too! Just recently I went through my jewelry box and took all the little bits and baubles and added them to my bracelet - things like 1 Eiffel Tower earring from my high school trip to Paris (the match has been missing for about 20 years), my high school "class key", the little girl charms representing my daughters (the charms came from an old necklace). It's been so much fun combining charms from other bracelets with these personal treasures into one lovely bracelet.

I've never been into charm bracelets, but I may just have to start...I love saying..."a charmed life" and looking at all of yours makes me think that collecting a tiny token of various milestones, might be a fun way to remember them.


Your charm bracelets are just beautiful! Makes me wish I had started one years ago...but I guess it isn't too late. Thanks for sharing...hope that you are doing well. Looking forward to the arrival of your little one (and shopping at One Hundred Wishes when it reopens)! Have a Happy Halloween!

Love your charm bracelets! I have always loved charmed bracelets although I've never owned one. I'm not sure why - I always find myself admiring them!

What fun...I believe I have found something to put on my holiday wish list for sure!

Lovely job on the bracelets - you always do suck stunning work!

I too love CHarm Bracelets! I have one I started with the birth of my first Daughter..I was at a Scrapbook show....Believe it or not and there was a lovely Artisan that made glass Beads and had wonderful Charms....Yes I know they are everywhere but Etsy didn't exsist then ....I love my bracelet! I also have charms from childhood but no braclet...heY i have some SPun SIlver charms from Indonesia...I forgot about tooo tender for a bracelt but I hope to put them in a shadow box!Oh yea and I have a CHarm bracelet that Glazed and COnfused made for a Charm swap we had on Etsy...too coool....here's a link on flickr for those cute charms...
my contrabution...
the group

I was hoping at the time to have one Artisan Charm Bracelet for each of my girls but havent seen any charm swaps lately......

I am going to be looking for this book!

Lovely Lovely Lovely

Gorgeous bracelets! I started collecting sterling silver charms for my daughter but have never put them on a bracelet. All your lovely pictures have inspired me to try and do that for my daughter for Christmas. I love finding charms that will have special meaning for my daughter. Thanks for a great post.

Just stopping by, happy baby to you! Hope things go well. Love the baby gifts. I have a few of my grandmothers charm bracelets, but not crazy about the charms. I think I will try to add things to it to sparkle it up! Anyone making gold charms out there?

Love your beautiful bracelets!!!

Who doesnt love charm bracelets! They are wonderful! Thanks for sharing those pictures they are quite the treasures. And thanks for mentioning that book, I'm going to have to go get a copy!


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