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October 26, 2007


Wow, you pictures look as though they could be in a magazine! Thanks for posting this recipe, I have been looking for it for a while. :)

yummy...would be perfect right now with my coffee.

MMM. I love all things pumpkin.

Yum! That looks delicious---and your beautiful display makes it even more appealing. I want some! :)

OH!! I love pumpkin rolls...I used to make them every year and give them out to our neighbors at Christmas...wrapped in red cellophane. I should probably do that again...I stopped doing it when we moved away 16 years ago...WOW...

Your pictures are lovely...you have such a talent for capturing just the right "mood" of the picture...in this case...your pictures made me very hungry!

Thanks for sharing...also, I've been checking your blog every day now for about two weeks...you know to see how you and Sam are doing...without asking...I remember when I was expecting my children...the #1 question was..."when are you going to have that baby?"...I know that gets tiresome after a while...so I just anxiously check your blog...we're all thinking of you...and your family...anxious as I am sure you are, too!


My dear Andrea!!!
You are so sweet yourself!!! You just post these beautiful and delicious pictures, I will make it for sure, for some reason you bring me luck in my baking adventures because I just don't have the touch for baking. I hope you saving all of your energy for the big day!!!

Take care of yourself mama!!!!!


Yummy yummy! I look forward to making them both! Thank you for the ideas and recipes! Cece

Andrea, when Aubern'e was a week and half old, I begged my mother to come hold her, so I could bake something. I soo needed to cook. I am glad I am not the only one. Keep pampering yourself xoxox Clarice

I LOVE that cake! I've made it every year for Thanksgiving for the past 10 years! It's easy to make yet looks so impressive! What's nice about it too is that if you aren't that crazy about pumpkin, it's not too "pumpkiny". Good for you to still be in the baking mood! Enjoy!

Oooo that all sounds so yummy! Hope you are well! :O)

oooh!! yummy!!! they both look sooo good!!! thanks for sharing!! xo Britt

Sounds and looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

okay - I do not care WHAT time of year it is when I visit you next - but PLEASE make this for me (for after the chicken salad sandwiches of course!)

That cake will be the first thing I bake in my new oven! I'm off to Frederick, Md in the morning to antique and play. When I get home I'll fix the cake. But on my way home tomorrow night I'll pick up vanilla ice cream to make that awesome looking pumpkin milkshake. It will be such a treat while I watch Grey's Anatomy from Thursday night.
Glad your Mom is coming tomorrow! Keep me posted on Baby Sam Watch! The card was adorable.....the gifts were totally my pleasure!!
Can I come over sometime and feed Cowboy Sam with the spoon? Speaking of spoon......I need to take it back to have it monogrammed/sp.

Ooh, that looks so yummy. Your doing
great if you still feel like baking.
Take it easy too. Thanks for sharing
this yummy treat. Pinkie Denise

Those sound delicious! What wonderful, timely treats!

Okay....seriously....that looks so yummy we feel like we put on 5 pounds just looking at the picture! Great post!

smiles, kari and kijsa

Haha! When I read the title to the post, I thought that it referred to the "bun in your oven"!!!

That looks delicious!!

I dont even like pumpkin but that all looks delicious. If you put that down in front of me I would definitely give it a try!


Sounds wonderful!! Just got back from my daughters wedding weekend.
So baking sounds fun. I posted the first pictures of the wedding, if you aren't off having a baby yet.

Oh, it all looks so yummy!

YUMMMY I adore Pumpkin roll!!! My family makes Pumpkin bars since I was little its so yummmy like a cakey bar sometimes comes out a bit custardy...with creamcheese frosting Delish! My mom can't have nuts so this Has been A Great Autumnal Favorite for years!
My Mother in Law make the Pumpkin roll Delish! I love that milk shake! Can't wait to try it! HINT about cooking move your items to the table and do your work there....My mom made me do that when I was preg with the twins ...since my other children often where helping this was good too. BEST OF LOVE to you
oh I almost forgot...I live in a very Child Development Enrichment Famlily so funny bits and pieces here....Children need to do HEAVY WORK since they don't live on the farm they don't get it. SO Hauling the Sugar or Flour containers can help you too 2Fold. I had them rearrange the little appliance cupboard and they put the Gallon milks on the bottom of the cart too....Fyi...

That pumpkin roll looked so yummy when I visited yesterday I told myself if I had the ingredients in the pantry I'd make it ~ guess what? I had it all. Made it. WOW! Absolutely delicious. If your other readers haven't made it yet - it is so yummy and tastes to me just like the $2.00 pumpkin/cream cheese muffins they sell at Starbucks!
THANKS for sharing.
Have a wonderful day.
Sandy :)

I remember making that pumpkin roll years and years ago when I was first married. It was very yummy! Thanks for reminding me of a special memory.

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