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October 21, 2007


what beautiful gifts! you are blessed to have such thoughtful and creative friends - what a fun treat!

Andrea...it was a great evening. Glad you liked everything. I so enjoyed making the 6x6 book and quilted items for you to enjoy. You are such a kind and thoughtful friend, I can't imagine not doing something special for you. Now hurry up so we can finally meet Sam!!
xo Pam

How absolutely precicous!!! And so sweet that you are naming your children after family. Love that pic of Mario in the album already!

What beautiful gifts. I love, love, love, the adorable baby book. How precious.

We have several Cowboy Sam story books here at our house. We love those stories.
We also used family tree names as we are both German, William and I.
I think your name choice is perfect.

We have several Cowboy Sam story books here at our house. We love those stories.
We also used family tree names as we are both German, William and I.
I think your name choice is perfect.

What a fabulous set of friends - and the gifts they gave and made for you are equally fabulous. I love the Vintage style Baby Albums - very cool. Sam - love that name, and no, there is nothing better than Baby Clothes soaked in Dreft!! I remember those days Andrea...My baby is now 5, and I'll be waiting on my Sister to make me an "Auntie" so I can hold another little one!! (I wish she'd hurry up!!) This is so much fun - I love coming to your Blog, relaxing with a cup of coffee, and taking my time to learn about you and your passions. A job well done! xo Sher

Ok.....well you just made me cry Andrea!!! I am so blessed to be your friend. Can't wait to meet the newest Cowboy Sam!

What perfect gifts! You are blessed with such friends...

Both books are just beautiful! Your friends are talented and so thoughtful!

I know these lovely gifts from friends mean so much to you...they are beautiful and so very thoughtful!

I love the name Samuel for your son...and to honor your father by giving his name to a son is a lasting expression of that love. Samuel is a name I tossed out to my daughter to use when she becomes pregnant...guess that's the first order of business before a name is chosen...but a future grandmother can dream...can't she?? I really do love that name...hmmm...my daughter will probably not use it...b/c well...mom thought of it...she'll most certainly come up with a very wonderful name on her own...but she should use Samuel...just sayin!!

And looking at those preious pics or Mario...won't he make just the "BEST" big brother...

Take time to enjoy the few days before your new joy arrives...let the nesting begin!


What sweet gifts! Sam is a wonderful name. I love that you are carrying on family names!

this is really beautiful!

What gorgeous gifts, Andrea. You certainly are blessed with such creative and caring friends. Love the name Sam. Big hugs to you!!!

what FANTASTIC gifts!!! How sweet are they?!! great goodies!!! Sam is such a cute name!! :-)

What sweet gifts!! The books are darling! You are blessed to have such thoughtful friends!

Oh what PRECIOUS gifts!!!! Everything is just pricless. Welcome, Sweet Sam that is almost here! I've got a sweet little boy here and am so enjoying him. Hope the next days aren't TOO uncomfortable...
Hugs to you and well wishes...
Cheryl :)

all your gifts a re adorable.
I love your names. it probably means allot to the people they are named after. good luck!
jessi nagy

Hi Andrea,

Good luck! I read about you over at Julie's. What an incredible set of gifts!! That was a great lollipop you sent her! I look forward to seeing you come back.

~ Diane Clancy

Omg those gifts are fabulous, I so love the books!

How adorable!


What lovley friends you have. They gave you some wonderful things. So cute and sweet.
I love the name Sam. My grandmother's brother was Sam.
I am leaving for my daughter's wedding on Friday. I will be back Saturday with the pictures.
I think you and I are both very excited for our big upcoming events.
I wish you the best with the new baby.

What special gifts for your sweet baby boy. I love that name Samuel from the bible. You have some very
special friends. Pinkie Denise

oh Andrea, what precious gifts you and your new little one received!! Just now catching up with you, hope you are doing well and still just baking and nesting.

What lovely, thoughtful gifts! Such a wealth of beautiful ideas I'm sure you and your family will cherish them forever.

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