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October 11, 2007


Love your new bracelets! I was lucky enough to get one of your other ones & it's beautiful. Love the new stuff in your shop. Have a great day!

Your bracelets are beautiful Andrea. I have the teeniest wrists, so if I ever get one I will have to have you make it very small for me.
You have been a busy girl. Can't wait to take a look at the new items.
You should get that bag for sure!!
Take care,

Yay! I got some of your beautiful baubles! Can't wait to create new and wonderful pieces with them. I too love vintage jewelry. I can't find it as frequently as I would like though I am going to the flea market this weekend so my fingers are crossed!

You're right, random is interesting. Love your shop! and hope all goes well with baby!

Ooohhh I'm drooling overhere... (way overhere in The Netherlands). Love the bracelet with my first initial! If I only had some money *sigh* untill then drooling is all I have.
Have a lovely day!

All of those glittery jewels look good enough to eat! Just beautiful :) P.S. I think that the diaper bag is a must have!!


Love all your pieces! So pretty.

I love your blog. It is one of my favorites. I can't wait to come and see what you'll be sharing. The jewelry is to die for! So lovely. I love vintage pieces too. I will check out the shop. Thanks for sharing with me Pinkie Denise

you have the most exquisite taste. Every time i come to your site i am breathless with excitment and happiness.ironically i just last night watched pratical magic with my little girls ((10 and 12) and i feel compelled to share my love of it with you as well!!The girls are fast becoming fans of the movie as i am.i have some of the songs from the soundtrack to the movie and "coconut" and "case of you" are my favourite songs. The movie is ranked up there as one of my top favourites with notebook and pearl harbour. please keep sharing your beautiful things, i imagine you will be busy in the days before and after the birth of your new son so i am getting my fix of your site whilst i can !! thank-you !!

Beautiful, as always!
LOVE your shop:):)

ENVY!!! I know it's not right but that's how I feel about your fabulous jewelry collection. Thanks for everything Andrea.

Your jewelry box is a treasure trove of beauty! Just drooling over it all :)

And I love the bundles of baubles. I really do!

I love all your jewels!
So glam for sure...

What beautiful bracelets. I have next to no creative juice when I'm pregnant, but obviously you do! Take care, Wendy


Your one of a kind treasures are just that, treasures. I see that they have sold out already! They are special, and yours alone.

I will go to the shop and visit all your new goodies. ps. I think you DO need that bag.really.

Andrea - - your Found Object bracelets are absolutely gorgeous - you are so talented, and truly gifted.
And George, please get your fabulous wife that new Diaper Bag!!! She deserves it :)
xo Sher

nothing beats the patina that only time can afford. love your pictures!

beautiful Andrea! just beautiful!!!!

I am addicted to your blog!! Beautiful! The bracelets are perfect, they sure go fast! Another site tryed to copy your bracelets, but its not even close. You are the best! Thanks!

You are an incredibly gifted woman.

How inspiring you are! Love your style.
You are truly Fabulous!

Totally love your blogg

hugs from Sweden

oooh!! I ADORE the new bracelets Andrea!!! sooo cute!! the pink leaves are so sweet! xo Britt

Love your new bracelets! I LOVE the "pretty" one...but it is gone :( I love the way you put those cute little glitter bottles on them..adorable.

A girl can never have too many sparkling baubles! Heather

Oh I Love Those Leaves, So Pretty. Your Blog is so fun & Pink :)

So Glad I visited, Such Pretty things and love your artwork :)
Stop by my blog for the Giveaway :)


It's all so lovely - complete and total eye candy. I love vintage jewelry as well and have quite a bit of it. Yours looks very organized. Mine...not so much. And I totally think you deserve what ever diaper bag you want - and I agree, you deserve it.

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