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September 14, 2007


Yum! That looks incredible.

Ok now I am going to have go dig in my cuboard and see what I can come up with!

Looks delicious! I have been so busy working over here I haven't had breakfast or lunch yet! I need to eat!

Hi Andrea,
Sounds yummy, and looks good too!
Hope you enjoyed it.
You deserve it.
Have a lovely weekend!

Andrea you are killing me!!!!
I just got home from a long day at work, I sit to check your blog, and this is what I see!!! it looks so good and easy to make, but now I have to make dinner and then I will check my emails and do work. But I will be thinking about making that chocolate mousse!!!
Talk to you later!!!


Hi Andrea :)
Um, NO...Need is not too strong a word when one needs a chocolate fix! Have you ever tried to ignore it? HA! Good luck... :D
Just wanted to drop in and say hi and to show you this:

aka. chocolate fiend

YuM! Your blog is always so tasty...glass glitter, chocolate moose...

I do know what "small" fete that little favicon is. I was so excited when I FINALLY got one on my site! Too cute!

Oh good gracious that looks good, my mouth is watering!!


yummmy. All I have in the pantry is instant pudding....it will have to do tonight!

Yummy...I love chocloate!
That looks delicious...

hey, we chocoholics understand...when ya gotta have it, ya gotta have it NOW. :) One of my fave indulgences is hot chocolate pudding (not instant, but the cook & serve) with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or cool whip...OMG!

That looks really good! My husband is out right now at 8:00 at night picking up my to go order from my favorite seafood restaurant. (I've been craving seafood....odd isn't it.) But I may have to call him and ask him to stop by the grocery store too. Hmmmmm....

At least you used low fat milk! How fattening could it be? It certainly photographed beautifully. We have been enjoying your blog for awhile now. Everything is so beautiful!

That looks delicous mmm I think I might need some chocolate this morning. What a great picc too, you are to good to us, I don't know if I could have waited long enough to take a photos!

That looks wonderful! Perfect for those must have chocolate moments. Hope you are doing well, sounds like you are taking good care of yourself and your little sweet one!
Lidy :)

Oh I've had this mousse in a pinch as well and can definitely vouch!

Oh.... yummy!!!!

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