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September 17, 2007


Hi Andrea,
I love organization!!
Yay for you!
Mario is going to love his new room. I love your armoire,very pretty.
Have a fun week!

It really looks and sounds like you are nesting big time!!! Doesn't feel great when things are organized? I did some cleaning this week myself, we had that kind of weather perfect for cleaning and organizing. Take care Andrea.

Mario is going to love his new room. He is a lucky little man.
Seems like your room will be pretty special too!

I love the armoire! Very pretty. Doesn't it just feel good to get everything organized? Such a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Yay!

Nesting...you are making everything ready and just beautiful! I love your new armoire, and also the Bi Plane, that is such a fun piece. I know all of you will enjoy being together in your sweet home.

Oh my.... organization... a word I have heard many times.... but I seem to have missed the day they were passing that skill out. Trying to organize things truly hurts... really....
Not something I am good at.... so.... when you have finished your house... come on over... I mean really.... you have plenty of time.... little guy... new baby... business....
hee hee!
Love Mario's bedding and that plane.... oh my!
And the armoire... holy smokes! That is beautiful!
Have fun!

that is some bag collection you have got going there! The armoire, lovely, just lovely!

I love the armoire and my son will want that plane in his room, it looks great!

Just wanted to add that I have received a lovely package of a millinery clad bonnet from you all wrapped up beautifully with ribbon and a lovely lollypop too. So apt - it arrived on my birthday. Thank you.
so much!!

best wishes Ginny at Twinklepink (England)

The armoire is beautiful!

I have been looking for airplane bedding for forever! where did you find yours? I LOVE it!

Where is the plane from?

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