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September 06, 2007


Hurray! So glad that your trip went well but I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling your best...
lovely finds - as always. xo~dawn

Hi Andrea,
Glad you had a nice trip. Sorry you are worn out though.
Can't wait to see the new items for your shop on Saturday.
Congrats to Dede!
Love all of your little surprises, that is fun.
Have a great day!

Congratulations to Dede.

Sounds like a lovely break but sorry you're feeling yucky.

Thank you for my order and I shall be popping in on Saturday for some of that divine glitter.

Happy Thursday xxx

What lovely gifts - so gorgeous in the pics! Love your blog for inspiration!

Congratulations to the winner!!! I am glad you had fun weekend, now its time to relax as much as you can and take care of your legs!!!

I enjoyed all the pretty photos!
Glad you had a nice trip to our beautiful state! :)

Hi, i just wanted you to know , you have the prettiest things, i constantly look to your blog for inspiration, thank you so much!!

You be extra good to yourself right now xoxoxo Clarice

Yeah for Dede, the lucky girl!! Great photos...take care of yourself!!
Michele :)

Hi :)
I was just wondering when your baby is due? My baby is due January 28, 2008.
I love your blog and your shop and totally covet all your goodies! I am originally from Ohio, Cincinnati area. I moved to Arkansas in January 2007. I know how you feel with the aches and pains and not sleeping! It's really not much fun but it's all worth it in the end, no?

Can't wait for all the new goodies to be added to the shop! Take care of yourself and keep those feet up!

I love your blog, and visit often to look at all your vintage sparklers...But I must make a mom to mom comment now: labor for each pregnancy lasts longer. If your due date is in October, you will spend all of September in pre-labor. At least, that is the way it was for me. Glad to see I am not alone...! Take it easy when you can, tell your husband you must put your feet up and have them massaged when you blog!It is great therapy.

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Pregnancy can be trying and tiring! I also love to surround myself with creative things from fellow artists. I have met some extra nice people in blogland! Your website is also lovely and hope to be able to make a purchase soon.

I recently found your site (and Love All That I See!!) Is there anyway that you might post some pictures of your studio!!! I'm curious to see what it looks like!! Honestly - I need some ideas for my own!! Oh & good luck with the pregnancy. I'm baking number 4 - This one is getting to me also!! But it might have something to do with a 2 year old and twin 10 month olds!! (My body is over the eternal pregnancy stage!! hehehe)

Glad you found so many goodies in Hartville! Cannot wait to see what you will add to your shop!!
Congrats to Dede!!!

Glad you got to have a little break and the shopping was worth the pain! But it sounds to me like you are overloaded, bet your Mom is telling you the same! Not that I can talk of course! But take care of yourself, have more massages! Rachaelxo

How sweet of you to display the box of lace. I meant to tell you not to feel obligated to keep the box. The other gifts are beautiful! I love the paper (I assume its paper) on the front of the journal. Your ornaments are gorgeous as well. I recently bought some vintage Shiny Brites at an estate sale, but not in the lovely colors you found.

Take care. I hope you are feeling more rested and comfortable today. Rest really is the best cure.


Oh My Gosh!!!! I can't believe I WON!!!! I have never thought of myself as having been born under a lucky star... but maybe, just maybe I was!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Yippy skippy!!!!

In other news: take care of yourself during your pregnancy! I remember 26 years ago when I was expecting my daughter, the Dr said babies are like parasites in that they take what they need first and kind of leave us with the left overs. We wouldn't have it any other way... but still, take care of you and that sweet baby! and of course both your men already at home.

thanks again!!!!!

Some wonderful items! Love the flower "vase" great idea. I hope you get some relief!

wow Andrea!! love the pictures!!! soo cute! sorry that you aren't sleeping! I don't sleep much at all either. I haven't since I got pregnant w/ my son. (he is 4 months old) by the way...thanks for the super sweet email you sent saying how cute he is!! hugs! Britt :-)

Hi, Andrea! I'm tagging you for the Name Game!! I figured you have LOTS of names rolling through your head right now for your pending arrival! The rules are on my blog :)

Beautiful gifts!!

You have been getting some lovely gifts! They are all beautiful!

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