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September 13, 2007


So glad to know that you have been busy!!! It seems that once September comes everyone gets busy with daily routines, cannot wait to see the new bracelets.
Take care and have fun with your laundry.
PS I made the summer tarts (mini ones) and I use your recipe, they were a big hit!!! Thanks!!


I love,love,love the seam binding. I ordered a bunch a while back and am so happy with it. Martha Stewart has some but she charges oodles more for about 3 inches!! well, it only seems like 3 inches!!
Please never keep selling this stuff, and keep that wonderful price. love, marilyn

It's good that you've been busy and I think anyone that comes here roots for you and the business...though I'm disappointed when there isn't a new post too! The seam binding picture is so pretty!

Andrea, I feel the same way as your friends ;) Your blog is the first one which I check daily... like I wrote before.


Hi Andrea,
Love the pretty binding.
Yes, we do miss you when you are absent for a few days.
Hope the crayon came out in the wash.
Have a creative day!

At least Mario is artistic like his Mommy!

Really Andrea, how do you find all the time to do everything? Maybe I can develop insomnia so that I can be more productive. :)

I love the seam binding. I find myself buying it more and more, and I don't even use the stuff. I just stare at it!

It's hard, I know trying to keep up with everything!!

Gosh, I do hope that the crayon comes out of the couch! When Mackenzie was little (she's almost 16 now) a couple of times when she got mad at me she would hide behind the couch and draw on the walls with her crayons! Now, we are getting ready to paint a giant chalkboard on her wall! LOL :0)

Love that you are creating again, that's one of my favorite parts of your wonderful store!
~Cerri xoxo

Don't worry about not posting much. :-) It is hard when you are a mommy and trying to create things! I love every thing you post! :-)

Wow...your blog is soo lovely. I alway enjoy just getting in my studio too and just creating...

What a beautiful photo - I look forward to seeing more of your inspiration!


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