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September 24, 2007


Those look so delicious! My kids just saw that pic and now they want to make them too!

I saw this in Country Living as well, and finally found orange and black sprinkles yesterday- of all places, Target, in the dollar spot! I hope mine turn out as well...yours look delicious!

The look so pretty!!!! I guess its a healthy thing to eat, there is lots of fiber from the apple!!! Got try the recipe!!!

They look too pretty to eat Andrea.
I will have to try those too.

Those apples look divine! How fun to make those and it probably didn't take all that long!

Thx for sharing

They're almost too pretty to eat! Nah!

I can't get over how pretty they look! The ribbon around the sticks is just so inspired...and the cake stand is perfect!

Holy moly...these looks delicious. I am a sucker for caramel apples...Martha has them on her cover too. Off for caramels...and I was trying to lose weight this week....

They look so yummy! The ribbons are such a lovely touch.

They look so delicious!! Love the ribbons on them!

Yeah they last about 10 minutes on our house. Yours are adorble xoxox Clarice


Yum-O! I saw this, too. Might be fun to make to take to work on Halloween. :)

Those look so yummy and beautiful.

YummY!!! These look even better than the ones in my CL mag!

How pretty! And they look so yummy!

Beautiful! They just scream Autumn!

They look beautiful and being fruit must be super healthy.

Off to track that magazine down now.

Happy Tuesday xxx

Such a perfect photo. I love the ribbon on the sticks. A great way to dress them up! I always loved the looks of caramel apples but they are so darn hard to eat!

You made those??? they look like magazine photos!! Wow, I am impressed.

These look absolutely scrumptious!

That's just gorgeous, Andrea. The devil is in the details-love the wrapped sticks!

Well.... If those aren't just the yummiest! Delightfully autumnal!
Amazingly fallicious!

Yum, those look so good. I am going to make some with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

Candy apples...haven't had those in ever so long! Like these with the extra, and tasty, embellishments! Happy Days :o)

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