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August 28, 2007


I'm in love, in love with Mario! What a handsome little guy! The pedicure looks marvelous, you'll need to do that more often I think! Nothing soothes as a nice foot soak and message!

May I say Andrea, that your feet look lovely. I love a fresh pedicure. It's the best.
Sounds like fun at the flea markets. Too hot though!!
Can't wait to see what you got.
Wow 100 posts soon. Amazing.
I still have a long way to go.
Your shop is so great. I love it and, it is so inspiring.
Keep cool,

Oh, what CUTE toes....you have lovely feet (that sounds so strange, sorry ROFL)

I gave myself a pedicure (the soaking, the exfoliating, painting, buffing, etc.) three days ago, but somehow, it's not the same as GETTING one done ;)

I'm stalking...er...watching for 100th post :D

I was thinking to myself when I opened your blog oh what lovely feet they are. You need to take the time to pamper yourself sometimes. Mario looks so cute. The heat can get to you sometimes. Can't wait to see what you put in the flea market. Can't wait for your 100 post. Have a great day.

Genetically speaking, the dominant gene for the second toe is to have it be longer than the big toe. So, theoretically, your foot is the normal foot, and those of us with a larger big toe have the recessive gene.

Maybe that is more science than anyone other than me cares about? (wink)

You can find other dominant/recessive examples here: http://www.bhs.jordan.k12.ut.us/~science/genetics/humgen.htm

I am not a foot person. My oldest daughter is though, so is my husband. Genes? What a lovely child you have. Reminds me of my grandson, they look to be about the same age.You must be a very lively person to be so far along, and be able to with stand that heat, a toddler,and a fair, plus the sausage sandwich! My husband loves those also!! Can't wait to see all your "new finds" at your shop!

Your son Mario looks so absolutely adorable! What a lil cutie pie. And I think your feet look fab!

Lokks like you had a FABULOUS day. Mario is too cute! Animals for him, sausage for daddy and antiques for you - what fun!

what nice piggies you have...LOL! Mario is a handsome little fella. Looks like you had a great time.

Cute toes Andrea! I love a good pedicure.
What flea market are you going to this weekend?
~Cerri xoxo

I love pedicures...So luxurious!
Can't wait for your flea market section...

He looks so cute on that pony. A foot massage sounds like heaven.

I can't say that I like feet but yours are cute. My second toe is also longer than my first and my last pedicure unfortunately resulted in an infection and the loss of one of my big toe nails - boohoo. I was lovin' my french toe manicures but not have to wait a while to get them done again.
Cute pics. Have a wonderful time at the flea market.

Yes, beautiful feet! A pedicure is perfect any day but especially when expecting!
I have an aunt that said if your 2nd tow is longer than your big toe that you willl be rich! Not bad : )
AND my Dad used to say ALL of the time(among other beautiful things to our mom) that she had beautiful feet!!!
You are in the last stretch and who knows ..maybe Mario will be a big brother sooner than expected! I wish you many blessings!

Beautiful pedicure! I have a Dr. who says that having a 2nd toe longer than the first was thought to be a sign of royalty and also a sign of high intelligence! She is real into those things! Have a wonderful day!

I was suffering in the heat as well at the Lucketts Fair. We spent 2 hours at the Lucketts Antique store. After which, my hubby refused to spend any time at the fair. Oh well, it was worth it though...I found a mirrored armoire for my bedroom!!

I look forward to receiving my goodies from your beautiful website.

Stay cool.

I hate feet...lol!
Love the photo of Mario on the pony, looks like he was having fun :)

This little piggie went to the flea market... he he
Love French pedicure, need one.

Looks at that little Mario, he gonna be a heartbreaker, so so cute.
Have a "cool" day

Oh, I love pedicure. For me it is one of those special moments that I do for myself (far away from cooking dinner, cleaning and so on... LOL).

And your son, so sweet!!!

I visit your blog often, but I am not so good at leaving comments. But I would like you to know that I love your work. I have made myself a note book and it is truely inspired of your work.


Have a nice evening!
Best regards Tette
(6:15 PM Sweden local time)

Tradition has it that those of us ladies with longer second toes are gifted with psychic abilities.

Very pretty toes--love the french pedicure! But you are not alone--I too, have feet with the second toes longer that the big toes...*SIGH* For this reason I'm shy about my feet. Your Mario is a super-sweetie! Can't wait to see the new little one soon...Happy Day :o)

My third and fourth pregnancies were much harder (pressure wise) than my first two - I think it's natural.

You're toes look so cute! Not weird at all. I can't believe that your feet aren't all swollen and puffy - you're doing really well!

Can't wait to see the market place!

Your feet look happy!
Your day out looked like fun, what a dear looking boy Mario is.
Looking forward to seeing the vintage part of your website.
Take Care - Rachaelx

Having had 3 children, I understand feeling like the baby is riding so low he/she is just going to fall out! Your pedicure looks awesome! Doesn't pampering oneself do the trick?

Also, thank-you for my recent order! It is perfect!


I, too, endured the unbearable heat at Lucketts. We go every year & it is the highlight of my summer. I picked up a bunch of old windows to decorate my studio this go 'round. Can't wait to gussy them up!
p.s. The toes look fantastic!

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