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August 18, 2007


Oh, I want to come over to your house! Those ledgers are fabulous! And dates with BOTH of your boys?! You're a lucky girl.

You lucky girl!
Im lucky too.
I got my package today!!!!
wow!!!! the pictures don't do it justice. woW. its gorgeous.!
Im in love with it.
thanks for my order too. they will rock at silver bell!
Jessi nagy


Sounds like a great weekend Andrea.
I need to go and by that new Somerset. I am really into the Halloween thing.
Have fun with Mario, and have a wonderful Anniversary dinner!

Sounds like a fun weekend. I got hit Barnes and see if I can find both of these!

I received my package today and wow love everything. I also love my lolly pop. I am not going to share that. I may have to order something just to see if I will get another candy. LOL I emailed Michelle and told her that she is going to love all her goodies when she gets them from you. Thanks again. Jennie

Sounds like a great weekend--hope you're enjoying! And Happy Anniversary! :o)

Hope you weekend was great, it sounded like a mixture of lovely things to do.
Your little man is sooooo handsome.
Have a great day
Take Care

omg...coveting those ledgers!

Please give us your review of the Crowns & Tiaras book! It is on my list but haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet.

Happy Anniversary!

Crowns & Tiaras? Now that sounds like a special read indeed. I'm off to read more of your wonderful posts :)

**Wishing you a warm and wonderful Anniversary!**

Happy Anniversary! That somerset is a great issue...packed with all things Halloween. It's such a fun celebration of all things festive!

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