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August 22, 2007


I have that same blooming plant ;-) Hot as heck still on my end. Your lounge looks cool and inviting though.

I too have that same gorgeous petunia plant!! LOL!! We should all take pictures of our pretty plant and have a contest!! I don't know about you, but I think I have had enough summer heat. Love your lounge!!


LOL. I just pulled out my poor peonies - they didn't survive either! I love your lounge. I just found a whole set in June - mine are black.

That plant is so sad. Very yin and yang out there on your deck. The lounge looked lovely though! Hopefully we will all have a few weeks of wonderful weather. Out here on the east coast, we have rain and damp, cold. Enjoying your blog. Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

So much for thinking I had the original plant. I love your lounge. I'm like you ready for fall. Today it is actually cool and cloudy. Wonderful for a change. I received my order and am absolutely thrilled with everything. You make it all so special...thank you.

I'll take some of the heat! It has gotten chilly in CT over the last several days. I'm not ready for it! This weekend's forecast is a good one at least. I love the chaise - perfect! We are so alike with the flowers! I usually only plant geraniums and impatiens as both do so well - this year I planted petunias and the same thing has happened to me! A few of my pots have come back but not quite!

Ahh sun, I have heard of it but not sure I have seen it before. Looks wonderful, enjoy it for me xoxoxo Clarice

o well
falls comming. time to throw the flowers out. bring the gourds and pumpkins in. throw a blanket on that chaise and enjoy fall.
jessi nagy


Glad it is cooler. Love the lounge chair.
It would match my new/old patio set.
I have been having flower issues as well. Even though you water, the sun is too hot.
Have fun playing.

That lounge chair is perfection!

I, too, have flowers (can we even call them that anymore?) that look just like that! It was still 103 here in Arkansas today. Yuck!

I just love your lounge chair, it's darling! I'm with you - my sweet potato vine and vinca are doing wonderfully, the rest of my plants are not doing nearly as well and I'm watering like crazy!


I love your lounge! I think I have it's matching swing. We found it out on a curbside...can you imagine!

Fab chaise glad your weather is settling Improved this week in UK too

Andrea, It's still hot in KS. My 3year old grandson was helping me read the blogs today. When we came to the picture of the plant, He said " OH Nana it needs water,it looks really hot."I told him that you did water it but it was just to hot, his answer that's sad. My thought too.Let's hope for cooler weather and pumkins.

I feel much better now! I thought I had lost my green thumb :) Thanks for the tips on what to plant next year...my planter looks just like yours!! Utah is the desert I guess :) Your items are beautiful!! Thinking Fall thoughts!!!

I simply adore your chaise! It's not only gorgeous but it looks quite comfortable as well.

As for your plant...well, I couldn't help but chuckle at its vibrant introduction :) But I completely understand because I am also extremely ready for fall.

I love your sense of humor, this was a funny post.

What a pretty outdoor space :)

Love the chaise - it really does look like it would fit perfectly into a Rachel Ashwell book - especially with that pretty pillow. And I hear ya about the heat - cripes, I can't remember the last time we sat outside on the patio - it was quite a while ago. But now we have had rain, rain, rain and everything is so wet. I'm an autumn person - both for weather and decorating reasons - it's so fun.

Another thing that just gripes me to to death about petunias is how leggy they get if you don't deadhead constantly. I've found I have trouble with a number of things out in the country that I had no trouble with in the city. Wind is an evil beast out here in the plains of Oklahoma. There is a small blooming relative to the petunia that I can't call to mind right now. I've had great luck with it especially in a pot with other flowers. It grows downward in a beautiful, lush viney way. Something bells. Do you know what I'm talking about? I hate when I can't remember something. I'll study on it.

I've had success with African sunflowers and portulaca in my blazing hot back deck planters! Good luck with next summers flowers!

I am in love with your white lounge ~ it's gorgeous!! What a great find!
Geraniums sound like the way to go...that's what I am going to plant in our new garden bed. No water worries then hopefully!

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