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August 31, 2007


The colour of the glitter is gorgeous.

Congratulations! I love your blog! Becky

100 Wishes....100 posts!


Dolly@From my CHERRY heart

Oh dear! My finger is tired from scrolling down through all these wonderful comments!!! hee hee!!!!
Best wishes my dear! And here's to 100 more!
Would love to find glitter and sparkles on my front doorstep.... fairy dust???
Oooohhhh....doesn't that just sound scrumptious????

wow 100!!!!!!

Lovely glitter, I enjoy your blog.


Congratulations on your 100th blog post...geez...I'm not sure how many I 've posted...but I dont think I am anywhere 100...I'll have to check it out...then I'm going to have to come up with the perfect give-a-way...geez...now I'm all a flitter...trying to think of something EVERYONE would be happy to have, something fun, creative and unique...geez...there may not be anymore unique ideas out there...but I'll try! Thanks for considering entering me in this give a way...I've kept up with your sight when I can...I just added you to my favs....that will make it easier...to see what new things you have that I MUST have...thanks for the give-a-way....it will be grand!


I would love to be the recipient of your glass glitter giveaway! So glad to hear you say you've researched it and that they are not all created equal! Congrats on your 100th post!

Yay!! Your 100th post! I haven't done 100 posts yet and I have been blogging for 1 and a half years! LOL! I guess I'm not a very consistent blogger. The glitter looks so pretty!!! You have such a gift for displaying things to look their best! Thanks for the 100 posts full of artistic inspiration!!

Count me in on your drawing. I hope 12:00 pacific time works too!! I am forever glad I found you through this crazy blog-land.


Congratulations on your 100th post. Your blog is fantastic and your website is so beautiful and has tons of charm!!!!


Such gorgeous glass glitter pictures! Pick me!

Such gorgeous glass glitter pictures! Pick me!

Gorgeous Andrea! I love my goodies I ordered from you. Thank you!


So, so sad that I'm too late but I still wanted to comment and say Holy Cow! That's some beautiful glitter. Love the colors.

happy 100th!

Hi Andrea!
I am hoping your Ohio trip goes well. I am a born and raised Ohio girl in the same house for 42 of my 44 years.
Please enter my name in your contest. Your glitter is scrumptious. I love the photo presentation you gave us...very vintage sparkle for sure!
Congratulations on your 100th post!

Congrats on your 100th blog. I have been desperately wanting to experiment with the glitter glass but haven't had a chance yet. You are such an inspiration!

Wow, that glitter is stunning!! The colours are just so perfect...absolutely gorgeous!
And congratulations on your 100th blog. I am relatively new to blogging and still getting the hang of it! Lots of fun!!
Kathy :)

WOW! That glitter is GORGEOUS! I esp. love that blush color! I LOVE your work! You are so extremely talented! When I grow up (wink-wink-I am 41), I want to be just like you! LOL! Love your blog, too!

Have only just found you via Boxwood Cottage and find that I'm something like your 195th commenter on this post.Wow. But then I'm not surprised your blog is lovely and your shop, well, that really could grant a hundred wishes.

I am so wishing I read this on Saturday! Bummer.
Anyway, I love your shop. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sorry I missed the contest, but SO glad I found your site. The glitter is truly lovely!

Congrats on your 100th post! I found your blog through another blog but I love your store and all that glass glitter!

Thank goodness there's another glass glitter snob out there! I have noticed different qualities in the glass "glitter" and aside from the pure silver, I just couldn't find a color that really worked it out. But anywhos... Congrats on your big 100!

Wonderful little blog. And the glitter looks fabulous. Please count me in!

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