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July 13, 2007


Have a lovely beachy weekend! Lovely seaside treasures here--love the shell purses! Happy Days! :o)

My grandmother had many shell necklaces just like those beauties. Enjoy your beach weekend :)

how fun. i love all thos colors. have a great weekend.
jessi nagy
silver bella girl


I loved seeing your collection of shell jewelry. The compacts are delightful. I love my shell collection. I must make it to the beach this summer. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I grew up near Cleveland. Mentor, Ohio. Was born in Cleveland. All my relatives have stories of working downtown in the department stores. It all sounded so glam to me.

Hi Andrea,
Have a wonderful time at the beach. I would love a beach cottage. Where I live they are millions of dollars.
Love your collections. The colors are really pretty.

Oh, have so much fun...I love all your treasures, and love the beach, and ohhhh man you will have so much fun :D

too funny with the beached goddess comment , I remember those days! I can relate to what your saying after being here in Arizona for almost 8 years I long to be near the ocean again , fortunatley we will be moving next summer to the island of OKINAWA off of Japan and will get my fill of it then I am sure. Have a great time!

Ahhhh the beach, we spend all the time there. Have fun !!!!! xoxoxo Clarice

Wow! What a beautiful shell collection you have! I truly cannot wait for your store to open! Wish you attend Silver Bella but I know you have bigger fish to fry. Hope to meet you at the next one!

I love the shell coin purses to they are just to much fun! Have fun at the beach, I wish I could join you I just love the beach, have fun and i bet you look great in you swimsuit!

PRETTY-PRETTY! And have a wonderful time at the beach!

Love your collection!!
I especially like your little one peeking into the background of the one photo.

love your collection! Especially the change purses. Have never seen those before. I live near the ocean, but our beaches are really dirty :( Rosemary

Beautiful collection!!!! Have fun at the beach!

oh my!
this collection is amazing!!!
have a ton of fun.

So true. I live 5 mins from the beach and have neighbors who haven't set foot on the sand in YEARS. Tragic.

The colors on those shells are just so dreamy and sublime!

was reading some of your older posts here andrea, and boy did you take me back!!! to when i was LITTLE--i grew up in Canton Ohio, south of Cleveland and we had a Polsky's dept store there also!!!
havent thought about it in a looonnnnggg time!!! my Aunt Nina worked there when she was 16 (and a lauren bacall/rita hayworth look-a-like i might add!! lol)and used to bring home little trinkets to her younger sisters~ i even have a precious ring that she gave my mom. Aunt Nina is my kindred spirit when it comes to decorating and reading and just all-around general interests. thanks for making me think of her today.

Your blog gives people the life is beautiful! Heart as long as optimistic there will be hope!

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