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July 30, 2007


Ooh I wonder what time it will open in the U.K? Will you be shipping to the U.K, if not I will just drool online...

I am setting my alarm clock !!!! xoxoxoxo Clarice

Maybe I can find an internet bar at the airport, he he
Best of luck with everything.

Let's hope that there's something left for me by the time I get home on Wednesday.
Good luck with the new store!

YAY!!! Can't wait.

Hi Andrea, congratulations and good luck. I have enjoyed all the 'teasers' you have been putting on your blog! Can't wait to see your site.

Best of luck with your grand opening!

I guess from the title on this post that you will be opening at 10 on Wednesday. LOL. We are patiently(?) waiting to see your wonderful things. Best Wishes on your opening!

Trisha Evans

Oh my this is at 4 am here in Europe, definitely too soon to get up in the middle of a work week, so I think I can't make it to the grand opening :(

I wish you the best of luck Andrea!

I'm sure all the best thing will be sold out by the time I'm finally online.

Hugs Carol(a) xox

I wish you the very best! I know it'll be wonderful.

oh, I can hardly wait!!

Ohhhh, I'll be there!

Oh I'm so excited! I'm setting the alarm on my phone so I won't forget!!

There must be a widget for this. . . Counting the minutes!

I can't wait! You must be getting VERY excited by now...

Best wishes to you for a wonderful Grand Opening!

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see the shop up and running - good luck! And happy shopping to all of us who are waiting and waiting... : )

Only a few more hours before the big moment. Good luck! I'm excited for you!

I've re-arranged my whole morning around your grand opening...

It must warm your heart to know there are so many of us waiting to see your pretty creations.

Best Of Luck!
(although I think "luck" has nothing to do with it in your case)

Britta Lee Zweibohmer

Thank You so much for working sooo hard at providing us sweet supplies and your hand made goodies!
With Kindness,

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