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June 12, 2007


Wow - you do have an amazing collection. I really love them all - I've never seen any of the ones with the velvet rolled roses - so pretty. My favorites are the pink strawberry basket and the aqua basket. I can just picture them on a shelf in a nursery.

I've also been collecting "women's accessories" since high school - vintage fashion magazines, dresses,shoes, coats, nightgowns, purses, compacts... no place to put most of it but I love it all!

Andrea, these are lovely! I definitely have purse envy! haha

WOW....I have never sceen those type of purses with the velvet strawberry's. How wonderful they are. I love each and every one.

Oh loveliness!! I love the one with velvet roses.

What a lovely collection! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely treasures! I love the velvet roses and strawberries. So lush!

Oh how divine!

What a wonderful thing to collect. They would be so neat in a bedroom, and you could put little items in each one to keep them handy like keys, bracelets, and stuff like that... (I'd forget which purse housed what, but others would be able to remember better!). I love your blog, and I think little collections like this are what makes people interesting. Those little wicker purses bring back the memories of mine back in high school. I wonder if my mom still has them? Of course, she does! My mom keeps everything! Have a good week.

Those wicker purses are really cute.
You have a really nice collection.
Where do you keep them all?
I love that in high school, you dared to be different.
Have a great day,

I am DYING over here! They are just so beautiful - I think you might have inspired yet another collection...

OK, I just lost my post, but this one is too nice to let it go....

Those purses are GORGEOUS. Just Gorg-e-ous! I'll have to post my one vintage purse with velvet roses on my blog...I think that you'll like it!

A tough toss up between the red strawberries and the roses, both are so beautiful. What a wonderful collection.

I've never seen purses like that either, but I love them. What a fun collection to have.

I love these little purse baskets, especially the pink strawberry purse. I too have a purse basket though it is covered in shells.

what a great collection. i don't think i've ever seen these with the strawberries before. thanks for sharing!

Wow Andrea, I am drooling. I adore handbags and these are just amazing. I have never seen bags like these. Just adorable. You have the most amazing eye. I wish we were neighbors (and I could come peeking around your house and of course bring yummy things to eat !!) xoxoxo Clarice

What a great collection! I have ONE vintage velvet strawberry pincusion. It's huge. I love it!

From one purse (accessories) addict to another, oh, I get you! Gorgeous bags!

What a SWEET collection you got there. They are all so cute and pretty.

Oh MY! I had no idea there was anything like this! These are just too fabulous, thank you for sharing.
xo, suzy

Your purses are wonderful! I love vintage purses as well! Especially those fun ones from the 1950's!

sigh....I don't have any of those, and I should, right??

Thanks so much for sharing them, they are absolutely divine!!

Oh - My - Gosh!
I LOVE them! Sweeeeeeeet!

WOW!!! What a collection of velvet loveliness!!
I have never seen any such purses like yours... but I will for sure be on the look-out now!
Thanks for sharing! I love your blog!!!

oh my goodness. I'm a vintage purse junkie and I am in LOVE with your collection. I have only one wicker purse, and I use it on a regular basis.... I just have to find one with little berries or flowers now!!

Beautiful collection Andrea!!!
My wicker purse now needs some sprucing up! :)


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