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June 15, 2007


Congratulations Andrea!! Thanks so much for sharing with us ~ as a mom of five sons (whew, did I really do that?) it's a wonderful thing and they really do look out for one another plus the moma-son bond is always such a special thing! AND that sweet boy with that sweet haircut ~ ADORABLE! xxoo, Dawn

Ahhh - congratulations!! How wonderful!!!

Congratulations on your beautiful BOYS! I'm sure that you've already considered it but how about Salvatore - Sam Singarella? Love it.

So cute!!!
Congrats!! Mario is so cute, he will be so excited to have a baby brother.
Good luck with the name.
I'm Italian too. My mom still wants to know where I came up with the name Amanda. (It's not Italian you know)
By the way, my brother has 3 boys. They are so great!
We both have great things happening in 4 months. My daughter is getting married in Oct.
Have a wonderful weekend!

If your stick to the M's short versions

If you want to stick to S's
Simone, Stefano, Sergio.

I like LUCA

crafty joan in italy

Awe, another boy....said by a mother who had 3 boys. Mario looks very cute in his new hair cut.

Congratulations Andrea, this is quite a year for you. I do not have boys but hear there is nothing like a son and mother relationship. How wonderful they will have each other. I have only one sister and of course tow girls. They are very close, best friends. It warms this mamas heart to see them together. I am soo happy for you xoxoxox Clarice

Fabulous news! So happy for you!!!!

Yay for you!!!! There is that cute little boy of yours, still want to pinch those cheeks!!

Congratulations, I wish you the best of luck with your newest bambino!

Oh look wee Singarella looks to be sucking his wee little thumb! and Mario is so adorable. what a cutie pie.

Wow! Aren't sonogram's simply amazing!! Congratulations!

What cutie pie kids you have. LOVE the new do and the u/s picture is precious. Two boys and a business...that will keep you busy!! Congratulations. Awesome news!!!
P.S. LOVE that book too!

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best! Natalea

Oh my gosh congrats on the baby boy. That is so exciting!

Ohhh how great!! Congratulations!! Oh I couldn't imagine being able to wait on such big news! my goodness!! Especially as a fleamarket junkie...how do you pass up the perfect lil vintage baby girl/boy treasures? It is soo much better to "know" lol
Are you decorating a nursery? If so..cannot wait for pics!! Do you have a color scheme planned yet? Too fun!!

oh and Mario and his big boy haircut...and baby cheeks!! Too cute!!

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Best Best Wishes!! And lots of Love!!

xoxo Jenny

ps....I too Love the name Luca!..sounds great....Luca Singarella ..I can already see 3rd grade bday invitations.....and his business cards!! LOL!

xoxo Jenny

Awwww! I have 2 boys, grown now, 22 and 25 yrs old......they love each other to death, or hate each other! LOL! No truthfully, they get along sooooo well, and just think, you already have everything the new little one needs! You don't even have to paint the room pink! Love Mario's haircut, he is soooo handsome, makes me miss when my boys were little!

Congratulations!! You know a person can't wait til things are just right, we'd be waiting along time. We have to just jump in there like you did. Can't wait to here his name.

Congratulations....and many, many blessings to you and your family!!!!

I love Mario's new 'do! Makes you just want to go up and wave your hands through it to see if it can fluff up more! Cute cute! Soon you'll have another to get a crewcut for! Lots of fun ahead!

Ahhh!I have 2 ITALIAN Stallion boys and then my 3rd is a girl. But they are so loving and very protective.

Congratulations! Your Mario reminds me so much of my Andres! There was a picture you had of him in a coat a while back and Carlos (my other son) said "hey what's Andres doing there!"

I was the same way with my second. I had the patience of a saint when it came to finding out the sex of Carlos....but I HAD to know the second time around! Two boys are an absolute Joy!!

ahhhh...I have to go search for that book!

Oh, how sweet! Call me crazy, but looking at the bambino's nose and cheekbones...I think he looks like his brother already!

Oh, I love that photo!!! SOOO sweet!

And, as far as the starting the business goes, is there ever an easy time? The right time is now, when you are excited about it. Personally, I'm very excited to see what you will be offering!

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