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May 15, 2007


I just love everything you found!! Those little chairs are just precious...what a great idea to turn the holiday into a weekend, we're going to have to try that ~ xxoo, Dawn

So glad you had a super Mother's Day. I did too. Love your found treasures. We were in VA for a town-wide yard sale Saturday. Found some super things. We've discovered a new-to-us antique mall close by too. xoxo

I love all of your finds! Especially the little chairs and the keys!

You gals find the best things...I'm having total flea market jones issues over here!

What a fantastic selection of treasures. I adore that hand vase. How cute! The little chairs are so cute too and I love the colors!!!

Sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day *weekend*!! LOVE those chairs. I have a few and have been keeping an eye out to add more to my collection. Soooo cute!!!

I just came accross your blog and I am so glad I did!!! Love the stuff you found!!! I think I will go out tommorrow and look for some stuff myself. I will come back and visit soon!!!

Love your blog! I have the same doll house chair! I think they could be used as place markers also! I think a piece of paper can slip in between the curled metal on the back rest of the chair!

Green, green, green with envy! I've been on the lookout for those sweet little chairs. Maybe this will be my weekend! :)

Great finds! Love the hand.
Sounds like a fun weekend.

It certainly looks like you had a fabulous time. I'm loving the fabulous finds!!!!

You got some lovely stuff for your mothersday "weekend"...lucky you....

Oh....I love the lace and the mother of pearl buckles and the old books and the photos.... ALL of it! Thank you for sharing with us...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! :) I do that too, claiming the entire weekend... but in my case it's for birthday purposes! Love your finds... WOW!

Hi Andrea,
I have a large collection of hands which includes two of these hands. I never realized until you pointed it out that they are McCoys. How sweet are the old buttons and keys.
Thanks for sharing.

Those chairs are too pretty! I think I just saw them in a magazine recently to . Sounds like a GREAT moms weekend to me :)

Oh, those little 'pin cushion' chairs are sooo precious! WOW! I would have gone WILD!
Such great finds as you celebrate your weekend! And don't we deserve such a weekend!

WOW....I love the chairs. Great find! I just bought a tattered lace headband similar to yours. Love everything and I am glad you had a nice Mother's day.

What lovely finds! The McCoy hand vase is quite the conversation piece! Love visiting your blog for inspiration and eye~candy!

Oh my, I LOVE those little doll chairs, they are so lovely and in all my fave colors! <3

I Love your Mary collection too, I have quite a few myself, I have that one where the has the blue and white and mine has a part attatched to the back to put flowers in like a built in flower holder, it was my Mom's as a child!


Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love your finds - especially those chairs,and the cabinet cards, oh and the lace and the keys too - I guess I love it all. Surprise, surprise, I have the bottom french book sitting here on my shelf! My girlfriend just moved to Charlottesville and told me about a store called "the French Hen" - have you heard of it? It's owned by the sister of the owner of my favorite store here in Greensboro, Summerhouse. the sisters have been published in design magazines...worth a stop next time.

Oh my goodness, that hand planter! I adore hand anythings! So terrific!!!

I'm like you... when it's MY day, I want the ol' boy to shop with me :) Or cheauffer me (however that's spelled)... and he does, with a smile :)

Now this, I love!! A Mom having a blast with her loved ones. Shopping, gelato, old lace and the cutest little chairs ever!

Good for you, Andrea, I am so glad that you enjoyed everything about your weekend!


What a beautiful haul! Those mini chairs are delightful :)

Can I do a trade with you for one of those little chairs?? Far far too cute!!

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