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May 08, 2007


This is a wonderful idea Andrea, I'll see what I can do!
Your pictures are to die for beautiful! Carol xox

Indeed, a practice worth keeping. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

How wonderful that you have a bit of your granmother's garden in your own!

Lovely thoughts, lovely photos - once again, a lovely post!

I love Lily of the Valley. I wish I could come over and get a cutting for my own garden.

yes, yes, yes! so agree! and i love my lily of the valley too!

Wonderful post!
We live in my husband's grandmother's home. Every spring, the lily of the valley pop up ....they are such a sweet reminder of grandma Emma...she loved them so..

Andrea, what a lovely post. It is like you have a bit of your grandmother living with you. I have to tell you I am madly in-love with your cake plate displays. I may have to copy them ; -)

Beautiful flowers! Beautiful thoughts! Thank you for sharing!

This reminds me...I need to get a start of peppermint from my mom. My grandma, who has since passed on, gave me a small start when I was just a girl. I planted it, and it now fills up an entire flower bed at my mom's house. It has great sentimental value to me. I have always thought that I would plant it wherever I live, so that I would always have a part of her with me. Thank you for reminding me to do that!

Lily of the Valley is so simple and so beautiful! It is a grandma thing for me too.

Beautiful Flowers!!! I love lily's

What a great post!

What a great post!

Oh I can almost smell them now! My mama has a whole little garden of Lily of the Valley. She passed away last fall and I am getting many of her plants to bring to my home.
Andrea, I've tagged you, and know you have already been tagged, so don't worry about it, I just wanted to be sure that others visited your lovely blog.


Lovely thoughts about giving more than we receive. I love the Lily of the Valley above all other flowers, save the rose. Thank you for sharing your art work yesterday and for the how-to. I always appreciate your thoughtfulness to do that, and I always get inspired by it, and find the courage to try some creating of my own.

I believe that you spread goodness through your blog! Love the lilies of the valley & your display

I love Lily of the Valley, so fragant. I have some too and love to have them on my table.

I love lilly of the valley and my gandmother had tons. I have none. so sad. I was wondering if they grow from bulb or purchased plants? Do you have any idea?
There on my list of must have plants. Thank you for the memory.

What a lovely lovely post!! As always you have brightened my day!! :)

xoox Jenny

wow, it must just smell so beautiful.

Such beautiful photos and beautiful words to match ~ Dawn :)

What a lovely, lovely thought. Thank you. I'm going to keep that thought.

There is nothing I like better than a selfless person! You are talking my language...hope my sons marry some thoughtful girls someday :)

How absolutely gorgeous! I think I can even smell the fragrance of those lilies of the valley right thru the computer!

Never have any of my lily of the valley bloomed. The fragrance is dreamy isn't it!

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