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May 21, 2007


Oh, I adore French General. I can't wait to see the jewelry book. I have been wanting to make a charm bracelet watch sort of thing, maybe I'll wait until this book comes out!

Thanks for the heads up.

Yipeee !!!! Clarice

Hurray! I just mailed some new friends about an artist I first discovered in Victoria Mag.!!!
thank you so much for sharing this also!!!
With Kindnsss,

Thanks for the phone number. I want to make sure I don't miss it.

I'm SO excited about Victoria coming back! I still have three years worth of their magazines in baskets, all dog-eared and some literally scuffed up by the dog. Though I can't afford most of the stuff they show, it's still so beautiful and inspiring.

how sweet of you to take care of all of this with this handy info! you're such a good girl!

You can subscribe to Victoria Magazine online too!

The book sounds so yummy!!!

You may be too busy to create this fall but you will need some relaxing eye candy, right? Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the info. Can't wait!!

oh my gosh! i used to love victoria! i was going thru some of my old mags and wishing it was still around.
it's starting off to be a great day.

Thanks so much for the heads up on this. Saw it just after I posted a reading list of all the great art books coming out. I added this to the post:)

I'm sure her new book will be as devine as her last one! I love, love her store and books to pieces!
I am excited about Victoria magazine too!!
Are we still on for our little swap?
~Cerri xoxo

How exciting! I loved Victoria and am so happy it is being published again! And I can't wait to see Kaari's new book. Her first one was so wonderful! Thanks for all the news!

Looks like a pretty book! I love anything French General style!

I got your beautiful wallpaper in the mail..thank you thank you! I just love it all so much!


Thanks for the info on Kaari Meng's upcoming book. Her first
one was very good.

Oh wow, this looks great!

Good to know. Thanks for sharing!


That looks like a wonderful book! I can't wait for it to come out.

And we are ALL excited beyond belief about the new Victoria. In speaking with them today, they said it would be more like the "old" Victoria...oh, sigh, how wonderful will that be!

Oh, I am so excited! Thanks for the info on Victoria magazine! XOXO

Oh, joy!!! I have missed Victoria SO much! Thanks for passing along this wonderful news!

I received a card in the mail yesterday regarding a "free" issue of Victoria magazine. Of course I sent it back showing that I would most definitely be interested. I went on Google to check out rebirth of Victoria Magazine and discovered this site. I have all of Victoria's magazines since 1989 and still enjoy looking through them. I'm thrilled they're going to publish again. I can hardly wait!

Ooh. I read this book, it's fantastic. I discovered many new stuff about jewelry world and I appreciate to Kaari Meng on that. I would like to read more her books about jewelry.

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