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May 23, 2007


Oh I love surprises! Can't waitto hear!! Loving the doll danglie, too! I really want to try these, I just love Sally Jean's book, but I haven't been brave enough.

This is sooo cool. I love it! I REALLY need to try some things from her book. They're fantastic. Ooooh...I love surprises and can't wait to hear what YOUR surprise is!!!!!

I can't wait to hear what your surprise is, either....on pins and needles til then!

Your dangly doll is adorable!

your dolly is adorable!

Oh Andrea,
I love this! What a wonderful gift! Your friend is going to love it.
Shelley :)


oooh, so love surprises!! Can't wait. Your vessel is soooo great!!

what a sweet dangly doll...I have never seen one before but I bet it was fun to make

i love that sally jean book. your doll turned out great!!

She is just beeeyond beautiful!! So so magical and sweet!! Incredible!! Lucky girl!!

Hope you are feeling great!!

xoxo Jenny

Ohh love the necklace. I can not wait to hear your news. Clarice

What a gorgeous Dangly! You are very skilled with the solder! I'm still struggling on soldering jewelry, I've tried it two times now and never liked the results. In Sally's book it all looks so easy, whish I could solder like you and her and Ulla. Well I'll keep exercising lol
Looking forward to your surprise though!

She is so wonderful. What a creation! You should make some for purchase. Come see my girl I bought yesterday at the antique shop.
Michelle A.

Andrea! That vintage vessel is amazing! I love all of the little treasures - your friend will adore it.

Can't wait to hear about your surprise!!!!

My craft room is in the same condition - I really am trying to get it all in order.

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE??? Smiling real cute at you :)

I love the doll! You are so very talented. I used to use the floor a lot as well - that is until we got our dog 2 years ago -now she would just eat everything! Can't wait to hear what the surprise is!

So cute! I always make such a mess when I cook or do an art project..I don't know why I can't clean as I go like some people! lol

can't wait for your surprise!

So cute! Can't wait to hear about the surprise.

Whoa, that is way cool. I LOVE what you made and Sally Jean's book is the best!
Can't wait to hear about your surprise.

So glad I just came across your blog, what fun stuff! Thanks for the hot tips on the books.

Ahhh the story of my life. No matter how much space I have on the table, I still end up with stuff all over the floor. Love Sally Jean's book....Your "dangly doll" is so cute!

your relationship with your scrappy rooms sounds like the same one I have with mine!Nice big desk, piled high to the ceiling. I live in California mind you, if we had an earthquake, I might be the owner of two Flat cats I share my space with! go create in chaos I say!

OOh you know woman and suprises dont mix well..lol!
The suspense will kill us all :)
Love the dangly doll shes adorable

Do you make these to sell???? I love these!

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