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March 02, 2007


Oh wow...this is totally stunning...this is so good!!!!


Oh wow...this is totally stunning...this is so good!!!!


I got this book and have been wanting to do this. Now looking at our amazing work I really want to. Just beautiful !! Clarice

My husband makes all manner of stained glass and so I've wanted to try soldering some things for a long time. I've made some stained glass too, so I know about the foiling, etc. But, until I saw your baby footprint charm, I was unmotivated. Now, I MUST have one of those with my two babies' footprints! Thanks for the great inspiration, I love this. I have several of my kids' lockes of hair, perhaps I can enclose those in a charm also. Hmmmm......love this.

Love it! All of it! And you have such sweet sentiments and memories for each piece. I want to be your friend! I'm finding myself a wee bit jealous of Dana and Pam.....and I don't even know them! ; )

OMG!!! I tried soldering once and was not successful. I would love to take a class and learn how to do it, especially now that I've seen the beauties you've created!! I LOVE all of it!!!! I giggled about the doll leg, but I'd probably wear it. I keep telling myself I need to order Sally's book. Now I'd better quite with the procrastination!
Thank you for sharing!!!!

Oh Gosh, I just love it all!! Your blog is so inspiring. I just noticed that you live in Fredericksburg, VA. I live on the "other side of the river" but my two dear friends live in Northern Virginia and we go to Fredericksburg to go antiquing!!

It's a small world!

Wonderful!! I have Sally Jean's book and I ordered some supplies from her online. I have been procrastinating about starting a project until I saw your lovely creations. I LOVE the doll leg.

Oh yummy Andrea...you do do such wonderful work. Yes, I am one of the very lucky recipients of Andrea's Vintage Vessels. She made mine in blue (my favorite color), and hopefully she will post a picture here for all to see...I just love it! Her talent is amazing and she's a wonderful and generous friend as well. Yep, I'm very lucky!


I'm the other recipient of Andrea's Vintage Vessel...mine is red and my favorite color!! She has made me several wonderful treasures over the past couple years! For my 50th birthday in January she made me an awesome "cake/box"...it's awesome!! Tomorrow she, Pam, and I are going on a treasure hunt! I'm sure she'll post her findings over the weekend!!

What a great class of SHOW & TELL today. I love it,everything is so pretty. I is one thing I would love to learn.
How cute is the one with the foot prints. So sweet.
Have fun treasure hunting, I will be back for another class of Show & tell
; )

Wow, you have done some amazing work there! I love them all! So creative and pretty.
I love the doll leg too. :0)
The wedding vessel is just precious!
Can't wait to see your treasure hunt results!

Andrea these are incredible! This is the most clever, artistic, creative, and inspiring community I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. xoxoxo

These are really really wonderful! I love the foot! And those glass jars with goodies inside - very inspiring!!!

Wintery greetings from Helsinki! Your things are really wonderful. I love looking at your blog!

PS: I collect aprons too!

Drooooooling over here. Absolutely gorgeous!

Drooooooling over here. Absolutely gorgeous!

hi Andrea - thank you for visiting me - I love everything I see here - hooray for your soldering - looks great.

xox - eb.

These are all most amazing and beautiful. I have Sally Jean's book and recently bought all I need to start soldering...just haven't started yet. This is all VERY inspiring!

These are wonderful! I love the picture of your Grandmother, what a lovely keepsake. I've never thought of trying this before. Do you use a regular soldering gun? I'm so inspired!

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