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March 07, 2007


That is my very favorite magazine of all time! I have every issue since 1998!!! LOVE IT!

Why isn't mine here yet? I swear subscribers should get first dibs. Pfft.

I have loved Mary Englebreit since I was about 12 years old- before most people had any idea who she was- and I love her magazine,too! I let my subscription run out so I better get to the store today!

Totally my favorite magazine too...only I wish she would publish it MONTHLY. I haven't gotten mine in the mail yet - maybe the mailman will bring it today. (I also have every issue!)

Looks delicious! I hope it's in my mailbox this afternoon!

I swear, I was just going to blog about the gorgeousness of this issue today! It's fantastic! And now I'm just dying to visit Sweetpeas and Snapshots. *sigh* Beautiful post, my friend. :)

I'm on my way to Borders right now!! I subscribe as well, but my issue hasn't come yet. Can't hurt to have two, right!?

Oh my.. I have been watching for the new issue. I am going to have to get a subscription.. this looks AMAZING!!!!

I haven't bought this magazine in years :( I'm making a point to get one on Friday when I shop!

I can't wait! I'm going to run down to the mailbox right now and check for mine.

Here I am !!

Wouawww !! love your blog too !!!!

I am going to spend some time around here.

And ... I am running to our Paris WH SMITH tomorrow, need this magazine !

Oh! I think I accidently let my sub. run out!! I don't know why I do these things. Now I will have to start stalking the book stores to find this!
Looks like a wonderful issue!

my favorite too! can't wait for mine to get here! thanks for the peeks!

You are right on!


I'm getting it this afternoon! Thanks for the sneak peeks!

oh my...you are my secret twin! Your photos are so wonderful. thanks for sharing.


Oh I just love it!!! I let my subscription run out a couple of years ago. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!
Thanks for sharing I'll have to go out and get one.

Ooooh, I just found your blog. I love it and love your style. You are so talented. I will definitely be back for more...yum. Also, my mom just got me the subscription to Home Companion. I do so love it! Haven't gotten the spring one yet though.

Love your blog just found it- so beautiful! can't wait to get the mag love it too - I am actually teaching at SweetPeas today (the store on the cover of the mag) to celebrate the release of the mag they are having a big celebration. Can't wait to visit and see more of your stuff. Be blessed - gina

hi, im so glad to find you. such wonderful things. I'm inspired already.

I just picked up my copy last night! Ohh it is just page after page of candy colored fun! Really makes me excited for Spring! Cannot wait for the cold weather to go away!!

I am dreaming of tulips and party hat chicks!

xoxo Jenny

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