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March 23, 2007


Best Wishes to you and your family, how exciting. No wonder you had a craving for those chocolate chip cookies.

Congatulations on your soon-to-be-bundle of joy! Are you picking out names yet?

So happy for you...looks like you've started your babe's scrapbook already! Now there's a visual chronicle....

Congratulations !

Any baby crafts or sewing projects ?

You have a beautiful blog :) Love the treasures you have found!

Congratz from the wee one!

Wonderful news,congratulations!Thankyou for sharing it with us as well as your beautifull blog x

Congratulations! That is really exciting news!

Andrea that's truly wonderful news! What a sweet mama you will make. xxooo

Big congratulations to you both!

lauren Mumford
flicr: alicelands

Congratulations....that is wonderful. I wish you a healthy pregnancy. I look forward to reading about all of the adventures.

Congratulations Andrea! A new little blog baby. That's awesome. xoxo

This is sooooo awesome!! Congratulations Andrea & hubby. Yay!! I am sure you will the most beautiful nursery around!!

What wonderful, exciting, happy news. Congrats to you and your hubby!

Congratulations to you both. Can't wait to see your creative talents turn to the perfect nursery....
Enjoy this time in your life - it is wonderful to be a woman.

Andrea I am SO happy for you and your family. My kids are 8 years apart (same father)he he, so I know all about the waiting, but it is worth it. You must be so excited.
Hugs to you,

I will have been a full-time Mom for 25 years the end of May... when our 3rd born/baby graduates and our oldest turns 25!! I have loved every single minute!

Oh my gosh....how wonderful!!! CONGRATULATIONS cutie!!


so happy for you-what great news!

oh , im so happy for you and your family, it wonderful news.

Congratulations!! We'll miss you at Silver Bella (again!), but you'll have the best treat of the season with you anyway. Blessings.

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful day to be born......that's my birthday too! :-)

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